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House in the mountains merges the border between inside and outside

modern architecture concrete wood south america

We present you one House in the mountains, that presents a new concept. The modern architecture merges the border between the indoor and outdoor areas.

House in the mountains – modern architecture with a universal concept

Glass facade view mountain range modern architecture wood beams

The minimalist building is located in the northern part of the Andes, 2470 meters above sea level. The builders – a young couple urgently needed a project. The architects of Arquitectura X instructed. You were faced with the challenge of designing a modern house. They were inspired by the beautiful location and built a house with a generously glazed facade. Since there are no houses nearby, no one will disturb the privacy of the owners. The architects have decided on a project that both for beach house, and for House in the mountains is well suited. They have given the house an interesting look by only using materials from the surrounding area. The building is located in a seismic region, which is why the architects decided to construct the house with clear geometric shapes.

House in the mountains impresses with a wooden facade

House in the mountains architecture family house facade window blinds

The house facade is a successful mixture of wood, concrete and glass. The use of concrete guaranteed the certain stability that the building urgently needed. The ground floor was therefore built almost entirely from concrete. An inner courtyard was designed. On the second floor, the facade was decorated with wood. This is where the family’s private areas are housed – the bedrooms and bathrooms. The connecting element in the interior is definitely the wood – the parquet floor, the stairs and even the minimalist kitchen island are made of wood. It’s a modern one House in the mountains, where the boundaries between inside and outside merge.

The concrete house is very stable

modern architecture house mountain concrete

The entrance

Privacy screen blinds living area parking lot

Universal concept – the house in the mountains

Driveway Kieselweg Mountains beautiful nature

In the middle of nature – the architects were inspired by nature

minimalist architecture two story house

The Cotacachi house

Construction element facade wood house entrance stairs

View of the Andes

View mountain range metal frame glass door

Seamless connection between indoor and outdoor areas

Glass facade sun roof bamboo house Andes

House with a sun roof

Pergola modern architecture family house garden

The courtyard

Stair concrete hallway modern house Andes

Modern interior design – the living area

Room distribution luxury house Andes

Wood is the connecting element

Kitchen island concrete interior design kitchen

Bathroom with skylight

Glass shower cubicle bath wood skylight

Modern lighting

Entrance recessed two floors concrete wood

House made of glass, concrete and wood in the middle of the mountains

House south america design modern house building

Illumination of the house facade

Building elements two parts lighting facade

Modern house in the middle of nature

Architecture house glass facade lighting