Dream homes

House in the forest – glass facade reflects the beauty of nature

 Facade reflects the landscape of our two-story holiday home

Lake Cottage is an interpretation of the traditional tree house – the minimalist one House in the woods reflects the beautiful nature. Located in a picturesque area in the mountains, near a lake, the two-story villa offers everything you could want from a weekend home.

House in the forest – an attractive facade made of glass

two story house cedar clad wood terrace facade design

An extended family commissioned the architects from UUFI with the task of completing a weekend house near Lake Kawartha in Canada. The project was recently completed – and the end result is fascinating with a seamless connection between architecture and nature. The construction is very innovative – the terrace was laid out with slabs of tree trunks, the facade – clad in large mirrors, the gable roof – made of black stainless steel and then clad in cedar. The end result is a minimalist building that blends harmoniously into the landscape.

House in the forest – futuristic interior design

Interior design wall design idea lamp seat

That House in the woods impresses with an almost futuristic interior design – the individual rooms appear almost abstract. The spacious living area is sparingly but very stylishly furnished with black furniture. Many windows let in plenty of sunlight into the interior, the white ceiling and walls even make it appear brighter and more cozy. The white color also creates a visual connection to the snow-covered landscape. A weekend house where you can relax from the hectic everyday life in the big city – this is how the architectural wonder can be described.

The house is sparingly, but very stylishly furnished

Cafe metal window white walls beautiful design ideas

The white walls create a visual connection between inside and outside

Coffee table round chairs flooring lighting wall lamp

The spacious living area looks out to the forest

Fireplace living area purist furnishings modern art wall design-modern architecture view above

Multiple skylights allow plenty of sunlight into the spacious living area

Skylights for the open living area create a saddle roof

A wood fireplace built into the living room creates a cozy atmosphere

Wood view above skylight chair of spacious cottage

Rustic stairs lead to the second floor where the bedrooms are located

Tree trunk white stairs two story house skylight

The boundaries between inside and outside merge

modern architecture chair tree trunk two window interior

The wooden staircase as an accent in the interior – a mirror emphasizes the rustic element

Attic pent roof modern minimalist interior design

The glass wall reflects nature

Flooring mirror clad walls beautiful landscape

The house is built of stainless steel and then clad with wood

House gable roof cedar clad mirror forest landscape