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House in Texas – A modern dream house right on the lake

house in texas web garden lawn modern

In this article we would like to once again introduce you to a true dream home that can perfectly serve as an inspiration for your own home. It is located in Austin, Texas directly on a lake and was designed by Lake Flato Architects.

Texas Home Patio with Outdoor Fireplace

house in texas garden slope step grasses

The fascinating House in texas is surrounded by many trees. These offer a pleasant, cool shade in hot summer. The wonderful lake and the private pool of the house also take care of that. All these things outside can also be observed from inside through many large windows. There are many terraces that are original and interconnected by bridges, among other things, and emphasize the proximity to the water. This modern house in Texas also has its own jetty with a boathouse. From there you are tempted to jump into the refreshing lake to cool off.

Texas home surrounded by trees and green lawn

house in texas design idea trees lawn garden window

As I said, the house in Texas is characterized by large window fronts. These frame a large part of the house and underline its modern style, while at the same time allowing a lot of light to penetrate the premises. Furthermore, a fireplace ensures comfort in the living room, which not only provides warmth but also a warm atmosphere in the evening hours. In the living room there is also the dining area and the modern kitchen made of light wood.

Living room in the house with fireplace

modern living room white couch armchair red fireplace window

The house in Texas has one more floor. A modern staircase leads to the second floor. There is the bedroom, which is open, but can be separated from the living area below by a wall in the form of a sliding door if a little more privacy is desired. There is also an office made of glass walls on the upper floor. A pleasant combination of light wood and a light blue was chosen for the bathroom. This gives the bathroom a friendly look. The bathtub is right next to a large window so that you can enjoy the view from the house in Texas while taking a relaxing bath.

Outdoor seating area protected by mosquito screens

home in texas living room seating area chairs retro style

Texas home – living room, kitchen, and dining area

living room design house texas sofa white stairs coffee table

House design – effective dining table and dark wooden chairs

modern design house dining table dining room chairs wood

The house with a modern kitchen made of wood and glass

kitchen modern wood cupboards stairs glass dishes

Kitchen of the house in Texas overlooks the pool

house kitchen dining area dining table sideboard stairs bracket

Texas Home – Cozy living room with patio and lake views

house living room modern furniture furnishings sofa fireplace window

Two-level house – bedrooms upstairs

bedroom upper floor house design modern bed fan

floor house office glass bridge desk fireplace chimney

fireplace living room chairs house texas wood floor stairs

bathroom light blue wall console sink wood paneling mirror

bathroom design house texas bathtub window blue

house house outdoor garden path bedroom plants bushes

outdoor house pool bridge wall cladding wood garden

outdoor house wood facade texas design modern

house in texas facade wood planks window indoors pool

pool terrace house patio design window

boathouse texas jetty modern wood lake outlook

home in texas property design lot floor plan

A design by Lake Flato Architects.