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House in Portugal with facade painting in copper look

Lawn wood fence facade painting glass sliding doors

Located on a hill near Lisbon in Portugal, this detached house attracts attention with an attractive facade painting with a copper look. The Portuguese architects from Atelier Data were commissioned to design a modern building with a country house touch.

House in Portugal – attractive facade design with recycled materials

House garden concrete path facade concrete ornamental grass bushes two-story building

The facade from House in Portugal At first glance it may exude rural charm and appear rustic – but behind the cladding with recycled wood there is actually an extremely modern construction made of concrete and glass. So that the minimalist building can blend in with the rural area, the architects decided to paint the facade with a copper look. In addition, the new domicile of the young Portuguese family was clad with cork panels – the material has good thermal insulation properties.

A picket fence shields the garden from outside views from the neighboring houses. While the western side closes towards the street, the eastern facade opens up to the beautiful landscape – the house is on a level with a view of the nearby city.

House in Portugal – the minimalist interior design is spiced up with rustic elements

Furnishing rustic coffee table white sofa leather upholstery

That House in Portugal offers more than enough living space for the residents. There is a large indoor pool on the ground floor. The spacious living area, where the kitchen, dining area and cozy sitting area in front of the TV are located, is located on the second floor and looks out over the city. The generous glass insert lets plenty of sunlight into the interior and loosens the rough look of the walls and floor made of exposed concrete. The wooden furniture gives the interior a rustic touch and creates a homely atmosphere. The bedrooms, bathrooms and guest rooms are on the third floor.

Set up a modern dining room – the concrete insert is loosened up by the rustic furniture

Glass facade two story high deck

The cozy living area with a glass wall

beautiful view house in portugal lisbon city

An inner wall made of cork serves as a room divider

Oak table solid concrete floor pendant lamp white walls

Modern fitted kitchen in a minimalist style

Handleless dark base units and white wall units

Rustic stairs lead to the second floor

Walls modern interior design rustic elements

Balcony on the second floor with a beautiful view

Single family house Portugal concrete walls painting

Pool on the ground floor

Glass facade exposed concrete swimming pool

Pool concrete walls glass facade nice view of the garden

Wood facade concrete two stories lawn

Façade wood cladding concrete paint copper look

Single family house three storeys concrete path garden

Moldings picket fence concrete garden path lawn

Concrete facade with an attractive copper look

Garden fence concrete path grass lawn facade window

beautiful modern architecture concrete facade painting picket fence

Garden pool lawn concrete facade

House facade windows wide concrete massive construction

Detached house with garden Lisbon concrete garden path picket fence

Concrete facade lighting picket fence LED blue lights

House blueprint top view floor plan

Solid construction, third floor, room distribution room balcony

Floors room distribution living room kitchen