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House and land in remote locations for complete relaxation

house and reason holiday-homes-remote-mountains-lake-sea

For the well-being and for the perfect well-being, not only the furnishings play an important role in a house, but also the location of the property. If the environment is pleasant, you automatically feel much more comfortable. That’s logic. But if you really want to relax after a stressful day at work, you might be looking for House and land, which are located apart from any civilization and guarantee complete relaxation. We would like to introduce you to such holiday homes and villas in this article. Start dreaming!

House and property with a view

house and reason hut-klein-mountain-view-sea

The home and grounds in this example from Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects are in a remote location on the San Juan Islands, Washington state. It’s a small hut called Eagle Point. It offers a wonderful view of the surrounding area, which also includes the sea. To put the finishing touches to the natural look, the roof was also planted with greenery. The hut offers everything you need to really relax.

House and property in France

house and ground black facade wood forest plot idea

Since this house is surrounded by all kinds of vegetation, you get the feeling that you are really far away from the rest of the world. The house has a modern design with a black wooden facade and large windows through which you can observe nature. House and land are perfect for both a relaxing holiday and everyday life. The Black Wood House was designed by Marchi Architects.

Land and house on the coast

house and ground minimalist-living room-window front-coast-glass

Those who find the sea particularly relaxing will particularly enjoy the house and property on the coast. Due to the natural materials, the villa adapts wonderfully to the natural surroundings, while large window fronts offer a perfect view of the sea. A system that stores water and processes and cleans dirty water also provides an environmentally friendly property. The design comes from Patterson Associates and can be found in New Zealand.

Holiday home in New Zealand

house and Grund gebrigslandschaft-wood-architecture-big-windows

The house and land cover an area of ​​20 hectares and belong to a couple who work in the film industry. This retreat is intended to offer the couple an opportunity to relax and serves as a holiday home. It is located on a peninsula with impressive nature and landscape. The house, which is largely made of wood, was designed by Herbst Architects.

Retreat at the Arctic Circle


Kolman Boye Architects built this attractive and cozy house. It represents the Scandinavian style, which seems only logical due to the fact that the house and property are in Norway. If you want to escape the stress of everyday life, this is the right place. In the middle of the wild nature, nothing and nobody disturbs you. What more do you want?

Modern house with pool


AABE’s ALON house has a modern design and guarantees complete relaxation thanks to the large pool, among other things. In addition, there are large window fronts for the two-story house, which guarantee a perfect view of the sea. House and property are located on the French coast – a dream home that everyone wants!

Scottish landscape


In this example, the house and land offer a view of Loch Dunvegan in Scotland. In order to make this view as perfect as possible, the modern design is thanks to the team at Dualchas Architects. The location in the middle of the stony and green landscape of Scotland makes this holiday home the perfect retreat where relaxation is guaranteed.

Modern bungalow 


House and property do not always have to be the same size for a vacation. This bungalow with a modern block design and black facade proves that even small retreats can fulfill their purpose. The hut, designed by Fearon Hay Architects, is located directly on the beach. The foldable window fronts even make you feel even closer to the sea. The Storm Hut is located on an island in New Zealand.

Neutral facade


Visually, this house should blend in with the surroundings as much as possible. If you want to get away from it all, this is the right place for you. The house and property are located on a lake in Ontario, Canada, with the architecture by Superkül Inc. The wood-clad house is called SHIFT and combines traditional elements with a modern style.

Minimalistic design


This luxury villa is a five-storey house that offers everything you need to relax: comfortable furnishings, a pool and a dreamlike environment with lush plants. The house and property are located in Koh Samui in Thailand, the design being developed by Marc Gerritsen. The Naked House enchants with a modern architecture and a view of the sea.

House on an island


This house and reason are particularly remote. It is located on the small island of Fogo in Canada. The house has an elongated shape with a minimalist design that mimics the seasons. Here you are not disturbed in any way. The designers at Saunders Architecture made sure of that.

Mountain landscape and modern design

house-ground-wood-roof tiles-concrete-everyday-relaxation-mountains

The house has a modern design, with elements that are typical of a mountain hut are not lacking. EXE Studio really did a perfect job of creating a retreat. The house and the property are in Serbia and, more precisely, on a slope on the Maljen mountain. Wood shingles in gray with a weathered look give the hut an authentic look.

House and property on a cliff


We conclude our article with an attractive and modern house built on a cliff. In this way, the house and the land offer a particularly interesting peisage that impresses from every side of the house. This creates a particularly pleasant atmosphere created by Gubbins Architectos. The villa is located in Tunquén in Chile and is called Mirador.

Designs by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

Marchi Architects 

Pattersons Associates

Herbst Architects

Kolman Boye Architects


Dualchas Architects

Fearon Hay Architects

Superkül Inc

Marc Gerritsen

Saunders Architecture

EXE Studio

Gubbins Arquitectos