Dream homes

Gray clinker brick slips give the facade of this house a dynamic character

gray clinker brick facade exterior lighting yellow metal fence

This single-family house in Palanga, Lithuania is an excellent application example for clinker brick slips. The narrow property is located near a pine forest, about one kilometer from the sea. Located on a slope, the house is beautifully embedded in nature. It borders a road at the foot of the slope and the forest. All living spaces are raised above street level and oriented towards the forest, while the garage and other technical rooms are positioned on the ground floor. The architecture follows the intricate landscape and there is plenty of space for outdoor activities. This division of space also emphasizes the psychological perception of private and public.

Clinker brick slips create a maintenance-free facade

Clinker brick cladding facade shades of gray Slope, curved base

The architects wanted to avoid the impression of a bulky, floating object that dictates a one-story living area. The single-family house was therefore divided into three separate living areas, which correspond to three functional zones: children’s rooms with their own bathroom and washroom stand firmly on the floor, while the parents’ zone – a master bedroom with en-suite facilities – is raised from the slope by a plinth. The central building volume houses a staircase that connects the main living areas on the first floor with a garage, an entrance hall and technical rooms on the ground floor.

Clinker brick cladding gray facade large window lawn area

This arrangement of the building volumes also enabled sensitive adjustments to the alignment for all buildings. The children’s room faces south to maximize light and warmth. The parents’ volume is towards the north for a cooler indoor climate. All rooms open onto the forest and are protected from view from the street.

The rear facade acts like a funnel

floating structure dynamic effect gray and white facade

The three building volumes are connected by a central transitional axis. If you move along it, you can feel the slight changes in the rooms. Since the customers are passionate art lovers and collectors, there are places in the house where their art objects can be harmoniously integrated without disturbing the free flow of the rooms or competing with the surrounding nature.

gray clinker brick slips floating tree volume on a plinth

The house looks like the fingers of a hand reaching into the sand. The rear facade acts like a funnel – catches the light, the wind, the nature. The project aims for a sophisticated appearance. The clinker brick slips are made by hand in Belgium and stacked and glued to the facade in such a way that there are no gaps. The curved base gives the house a touch of playfulness.

Single-family house on the slope of transparent metal fence pine forest

green lawn space for outdoor activities

Wooden terrace, lawn, clinker brick slips, white plastered facade

Clinker brick slips outside, gray wooden terrace on a hillside

floor-to-ceiling glass fronts bedroom bathroom roller blinds

Stairs aluminum railing anthracite wooden steps white walls

Staircase wood cladding mirror wall for optical illusion

Staircase with intermediate landing, wooden cladding of the steps, metal railings

90 degree staircase with platform wood flooring flooring wall lights

dark wooden floor gray aluminum window frames folding blinds passage

open living area anthracite and white wooden floor home office room divider

white kitchen with kitchen island dining table gray upholstered armchair XXL hanging lights

Living area sliding doors access to the wooden terrace

Home office sofa with shelf mural Strauss Yellow

Bedroom gray upholstered bed Roman blinds TV on the wall, wooden floor, laid diagonally

Children's room narrow desk in front of window Roman blinds Recessed ceiling lights

Children's room with adjoining bathroom mirror wall vanity wall lights

Floor plan first floor living area bedroom

Floor plan ground floor garage technical rooms

Single-family house cross-section plan facades

House blueprint landscape construction area

Architects: UAB Architektu biuras

Location: Palanga, Lithuania

Area: 253 square meters

Project year: 2013

Photographs: Leonas Garbačauskas