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Glass sliding doors seamlessly connect living space and terrace: a vacation home in the USA

Sliding glass single-family house shore flat roof

A flat roof house has become the new retreat for an American family. The idyllic location in the middle of nature inspired the “Bates Masi” architects for their design. The completed modern building fascinates with an open living concept, where the border between inside and outside merges. Large sliding glass doors seamlessly connect the living area with the terrace and balcony. In this way, the living space is extended into the garden and the family can enjoy a place protected from wind, rain and sun.

Glass sliding doors as an important architectural element

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The vacation home is located in Annapolis, USA. The builders, a young family with children, wanted to build a summer house on the bank of a river. They imagined a functional building where rustic country house aesthetics meet minimalist modernity. The architects designed a contemporary flat roof house that attracts attention with its puristic architectural language and wooden facade. Constructed as an environmentally friendly climate timber house with cross laminated timber elements, the wooden shell of the “Cove” house enables seamless facade insulation. In this way, above all, mold damage caused by condensed water can be avoided.

Glass sliding doors balcony furniture glass railings

While the wooden facade protects the holiday home from the elements on three sides, the house opens up to the river through large sliding glass doors. The sliding door system enables a seamless transition between inside and outside and maximizes the available living space by expanding the living area outside in the summer. On the first floor, the sliding doors allow plenty of sunlight to enter the living room and create a connection between it and the terrace. On the second floor, the spacious living area with kitchen and adjoining dining area turns into a balcony. So the family can sit comfortably inside when the weather is bad and end the evening on the balcony when the weather is good.

Glass sliding doors allow plenty of sunlight into the rooms

Sliding door glass living room linen fabric covers sofa

The first floor houses the four bedrooms. You are protected from prying eyes by massive wooden walls. On the first floor there is another informal living room where the family can relax after a long day outdoors. The center of communication in the house is undoubtedly the living area on the second floor. There is a spacious kitchen, a dining area and a comfortable reading corner. Another dining table for eight people and numerous lounge beds invite you to linger on the balcony.

Kitchen puristic wooden fronts, white natural stone worktop, kitchen island

The furnishings are purposefully simple and kept to a minimum. Numerous built-in cupboards offer sufficient storage space in the kitchen. The high-gloss fronts of the wall units reflect the sunlight and make the room appear brighter. The base cabinets are made of solid wood. The attractive wood grain automatically attracts attention. Several wall shelves offer storage space for dishes and shelves for vases, amphorae and other home accessories.

rustic modern country kitchen island white countertop

Right next to the kitchen area, a wide corner sofa invites you to relax in front of the fireplace. The living area offers seating for 10 guests. So nothing stands in the way of cozy cooking evenings with family and friends.

A designer armchair with a metal frame and leather seat right next to the corner sofa offers the opportunity to relax with a book and a glass of wine and watch the boats on the river.

A comfortable dining area rounds off the living program. The spacious living area has three glazed sides. The sliding doors can be opened and closed electrically and in this way can expand the living space outside. Perfect for an outdoor summer party.

A project by Bates Masi Architects

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