Dream homes

Glass and concrete house on a hill with oaks

glass and concrete house pool long infinity oak tree living area

That House made of glass and concrete is located on the top of a hill, which gives it a wonderful view of the rolling hills. The property itself is again in Beverly Hills and is surrounded by over 130 oak trees that are under environmental protection. Due to this natural landscape, the house is not so noticeable and adapts wonderfully to the surroundings. The glass and concrete house consists of two levels. The lower floor, which was worked into the hill, consists of the bedrooms. These have large window fronts and their own terrace to ensure sufficient daylight in the rooms. The upper area is again intended for the public living areas. There you will find the living room, the kitchen and the dining room.

Glass and concrete house with a view of the hilly landscape

glass and concrete house pool hill beverly hills landscape

Glass and concrete house – bedroom with terrace

glass and concrete house patio bedroom chaise longue railing

The house made of glass and concrete has a long pool outside, which was specially designed for swimming. He takes up three of the four outer walls and is embraced by an oak tree. He also divides the house in half. Since the house consists mainly of concrete, parquet was chosen as the flooring for the bedrooms. The walnut wood should break the cool atmosphere and provide warmth at the same time. The living areas in the house made of glass and concrete have a floor made of limestone. All in all, the house impresses with an extremely modern and attractive design that offers a wonderful view from all levels and rooms.

Inner courtyard of the house made of glass and concrete

house made of glass and concrete courtyard lawn wall plants parquet

Concrete wall framed courtyard with fireplace

concrete house wall building paving stone courtyard chairs modern design

Delimit the inner courtyard of the concrete house with sliding doors

concrete house design courtyard paving stone parquet bushes hallway

The living room of the house is framed by a lot of glass 

concrete house glass bedroom level outdoor design

Glass entrance door

glass house idea entrance door limestone flooring

In-house kitchen with oven and stone countertops

glass house kitchen wood fireplace wood marble countertop sink

Concrete clad with wood in the kitchen

concrete house glass window kitchen cabinet stool wood stone tiles

Concrete house dining room with fireplace and sideboard

glass house concrete dining room fireplace sideboard wood furnishings

Glass and concrete house with wine cellar 

glass house residential structure concrete window ceiling dining table modern parquet walnut

Glass window in the ceiling

concrete house glass table wine cellar wall building modern stairs wooden floor

house residential structure concrete wall building glass handrail stairs hallway

house residential structure concrete glass handrail stairs limestone tiles floor window front

glass house bedroom bed walnut parquet wall covering carpet

house residential structure concrete glass bathroom console wood stone sink parquet terrace

concrete house glass bathroom black tiles white wall bathtub

concrete glass house shower bench welness bathroom tiles design black

concrete house glass railing limestone flooring dining room

concrete house glass room tiles terrace railing modern style

concrete glass house lounge chairs pool design modern white terrace

house made of glass and concrete branches oak pool stairs outdoor

glass and concrete house modern style pool stairs garden path

house made of glass and concrete lighting courtyard trees lawn chairs

Design by Walker workshop.