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Gable roof interpreted in a modern way: the “origami” house in Japan

Gable roof house with modern construction Example of a covered terrace with privacy and sun protection on two floors

An inherited property. A natural stone wall that grandfather built. And a young couple who wanted a modern and functional single-family home. With the “Origami” house, the TSC architects have managed to create a balanced mix of tradition and modernity. Classical Japanese architecture was enriched with the principles of contemporary architecture. The end result was a concept that interprets the construction and the gable roof in a modern way. “Origami” offers a lot of comfort for the young family in a limited living space.

Gable roof interpreted in a modern way: Stylish and functional roof shape

Front garden with covered terrace under the gable roof rock garden and a narrow garden path with cobblestones

The “TSC” architects were inspired by the art of origami for their new project. The gable roof resembles a piece of paper that has been folded around the house. It is not only a stylish, but also an extremely practical element of facade design and fulfills several functions at the same time. It shields the house from prying eyes, offers sun protection for the terrace and rain protection for the house entrance. And with its minimalist design, it is in no way inferior to modern flat roofs.

Gable roof interpreted in a modern way: the location of the house

A modern interpretation of the saddle roof is a Japanese single-family house with sliding doors and a wooden terrace in the front garden

Closed to the street, the house opens up to the nearby mountains. Since the building is located in a densely populated area, it unfortunately does not have a clear view of nature. But the owners can look forward to a light-flooded living room and a sunny terrace. The gable roof casts cooling shade on the wooden terrace in summer and protects it from heavy rain and snow in winter.

A gable roof interpreted in a modern way: a well thought-out interior design and a clever living concept

Living room with a fireplace and a leather sofa for two and a small rectangular rustic wooden table

The well thought-out interior design and the clever living concept leave nothing to be desired inside. Despite the limited living space, the gable roof house appears spacious. Both the window fronts and the sliding glass doors, which enable a seamless transition between living and outdoor areas, as well as the high ceiling contribute to this. The living area on the ground floor is stylish but sparingly furnished in a typically Japanese way. The living program is kept to a minimum: a couch for two, a small wooden table, a fireplace, a TV cabinet and a home office round off the furnishings in the living room.

Design a modern kitchen under a sloping ceiling, handle-free wooden fronts and white worktop

In the living area, a dining area for four has been set up and a small kitchen with a cooking island has been designed. The kitchen landscape is minimalist with its handleless fronts and built-in appliances. Only the choice of materials loosens the strict, purist look: wood gives the furniture a homely touch and ensures comfort.

Set up guest room on the first floor next to the living area

A small yoga room is hidden behind wooden sliding doors on the ground floor, which can also be used as a guest room on request. A small window lets fresh air into the room, air conditioning provides warmth on cool days and ceiling lights provide soft light.

Living area with storage space for bicycles and modern furnishings in Scandinavian style

Since the house has no garage and no garden shed, even the bicycles have to be stored in the living area. A special bicycle holder was installed in a niche so that they don’t get in the way. Otherwise, several wall shelves provide support for books and home accessories.

On the second floor there is the bedroom and several smaller rooms where the couple can relax with a book in hand. There is also the option of creating a walk-in closet or dressing room.

The “Origami” house is a perfect example of a successful architectural project that combines tradition and modernity in an unconventional way.

bright living area with high ceiling and glass fronts in the gable roof house

Set up a living area with a high ceiling in front of the fireplace

Living area with glass fronts during the day and in the evening clever lighting for rooms with high ceilings

Room under a sloping ceiling with a wooden floor and white walls

Functional ideas set up the sleeping area under the sloping ceiling

Gable roof house interpreted in a modern way Small gable roof house with privacy screen modern materials for the roof 30 degrees

The gable roof provides protection from the sun and casts shade on the rock garden in the backyard

Gable roof house interprets a modern construction concept in the Japanese style. Examples of architect houses on two floors with a glass facade

Gable roof and wooden facade as accents single-family home in Japan

Gable roof and wooden panels as cladding on the outer walls of a family house in Japan

Rock garden with gravel and garden path with paving stones and terrace with natural stone slabs

Detached houses in Japan modern and functional architecture with wooden cladding on the facade and a gable roof

Pitched roof and high ceiling in the living area, indirect lighting creates a cozy atmosphere

Ideas for lighting in the living room in neutral colors such as camel, nude and cream

Detached house in Japan with modern construction and a well thought-out lighting concept with outdoor lights

Gable roof house with plenty of glazed facade Ideas for lighting the house and garden

A gable roof interprets a modern view from the front, high ceiling in the living area and a covered terrace

Gable roof house in Japan Blueprint shows the living area and bedrooms

A modern interpretation of the gable roof The plan shows the view from above

Floor plan of a small family house the property is on a corner

The construction plan of the gable roof house shows an element in 3D

Modern single-family house in Japan Sketch shows the assembly of the gable roof

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