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Futuristic architecture – modern single-family home resembles iceberg

Lake house terrace big window rocky landscape modern architecture villa

The latest project by the Polish architectural firm 81.WAW.PL is a modern family house, that resembles an iceberg. The building was inspired by the beautiful surroundings – the rocky landscape provides the perfect backdrop for the two-story villa.

Modern single-family house with an attractive dynamic facade design

Window openings terrace glass sliding windows

The architects of 81.WAW.Pl have been tasked with creating a modern family house in the middle of a hilly area. The wild beauty of the property inspired her design. This is how the project for Crown House came about – a minimalist building with a dynamic facade design. In order to save energy, the architects decided to build the north side without windows – so the house is maximally protected from the strong wind. For this, however, large skylights were installed, which let plenty of sunlight into the interior. The east side of the house opens to the beautiful surroundings through sliding glass doors. A spacious terrace invites you to relax outdoors.

The facade is an exciting futuristic mix – the edges and corners of the east-facing outer wall were emphasized by gray color, while the northern outer wall looks simple and minimalist. An innovative roof construction also attracts attention with its clear lines.

Modern family home fascinates with a futuristic look

Sliding glass doors pent roof mountains surround living room

The holiday home offers a living space of more than 180 square meters, spread over two floors and an attic. On the ground floor there is the boiler room, the garage / inseparable part of the house /, a spacious kitchen with dining area and the living room. The living area looks out to the water and the surrounding rocks. The parents’ bedroom, the children’s room and a guest room are located on the second floor. A walk-in closet and several bathrooms bathed in sunlight are also located on the second floor.

At first glance, the house may seem futuristic and strange, but the project is actually super practical – especially for windy areas in the north, the energy-efficient construction method comes first.

Modern facade design – the outer walls shield the terrace

Window openings modern facade terrace concrete cottage lake

The north side has no windows

Lines Steinweg paving stones garage house entrance

The southern side, on the other hand, is abundantly glazed

white facade windows glass fronts minimalist architecture

The house entrance in a minimalist style

Architecture house lake lighting facade evening garage

Modern white facade – Cottage in the mountains

white pent roof minimalist and energy-efficient

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