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Furnishing made of bright colors – an apartment in New York

Furnishing from bright colors living room kitchen dining area apartment

If you want to decorate your home in a colorful way and are looking for some inspiration, this is an example of one Furnishing made of bright colors just right for you. It is an apartment in New York that was furnished by the Casamanara company. The industrial style is immediately noticeable, but it is not formed by monochrome colors. Instead, several colors are wonderfully combined in this apartment to create a friendly interior made of bright colors. This ensures a good mood even on cloudy days.

Furnishing made of bright colors – sofas in white, blue and berry

living room furnishing couch white blue pink coffee table glass

Three different sofas in blue, berry and white were chosen for the brightly colored furnishings in the living room. These are also decorated with decorative pillows in matching colors and different patterns, which also offer comfort. The seating area is also given an oriental-style carpet, which is also made up of several colors. In addition to the living room, there is another lounge, which can be separated by sliding doors and is mainly used for television. A particularly eye-catching couch in yellow and a red carpet serve as furnishings made of bright colors.

Furniture made of bright colors in the TV room

TV room interior of brightly colored yellow sofa carpet

The kitchen is located in the same room as the first mentioned living room. The brightly colored furnishings there consist of blue kitchen cabinets with yellow worktops. For the kitchen island, however, a work surface in dark gray and made of natural wood was chosen, which goes perfectly with the large dining table. The white bar stools and the black chairs of the dining table create an interesting contrast to each other.

Bright colors in the TV room with a yellow couch

living area apartment furnishing made of bright colors throw pillows

In the bathrooms, however, no brightly colored furnishings were chosen. Natural wood and earth colors predominate here. These are represented by light gray tiles and wooden furniture. At the upper edge of the walls, as well as on the floor, a bit of color is still thought of and the choice fell on the cheerful yellow. The home office, on the other hand, radiates warmth in a different way. In addition to the colorful carpet, it consists entirely of furniture in a natural wood color. You feel much more comfortable while working! Now take a look at some pictures from the impressive apartment with its brightly colored furnishings and collect some ideas for designing your own apartment.

Modern kitchen furnishings in blue, gray and yellow

kitchen colors blue yellow gray modern style bar stool

Many colors are represented in the furnishing of the living area

blue kitchen furnishings colors cupboards dining table fridge

Dining area with furnishings in natural tones

dining table wood chairs black modern design picture furnishing

Simple bathroom furnishings with a few yellow accents

bathroom bathtub toilet tile colors gray yellow

Furniture in the bathroom made of a lot of wood

bathtub design furnishing tiles wash cabinet colors earth tones

Gray color in the guest toilet

Bathroom furnishings made of brightly colored natural wood sink mirrors

Furniture made of wood and a colorful carpet in the home office

desk furnishing from bright colors cupboards office

A design by Casamanara.