Dream homes

Family house design – the close proximity to nature ensures peace

Family house ideas two parts below above functional

This Family house design makes the building look like a dream house. Nature is in the immediate vicinity. Fresh air and flora have a positive effect on the whole family.

Family house design ensures full relaxation

Family house studio pha designer smaller part of glass windows

The project for this contemporary residence was designed for a customer from the Czech Republic and manufactured in 2011. Openness and transparency are the basic focal points for the lower level and its design. This creates a direct connection to the natural environment. The family house design is strongly characterized by aesthetics and naturalness. The building is divided into two components. First floor or ground floor reveals a wonderful view of the surrounding nature. The second part of the residence is also larger. It impresses with its distinctive roof rack. There are bedrooms, bathrooms and other private rooms, all of which are connected by a short hallway. That Family house design is functional and oriented towards people’s daily needs. Large glass windows allow natural sunlight to shine on every single detail of the home throughout the day.

Family house design – really enjoy the sun and nature

Design studio pha customer czech republic family

Family house design made sure every detail is perfect and beautiful. The color palette is carefully selected to create calm and a comfortable atmosphere. The emphasis is on the natural material – wood dominates. The walls, floors and ceilings of some of the rooms are made of light wood. Studio Pha is the designer of this cozy and inviting house. What could be nicer than spending your holidays in a holiday home like this? It brings the whole family together again and what is even more important – everyone would be able to get closer to nature and expose themselves to the beneficial effects of the environment. Designers have created an extraordinary connection between interior and exterior.

Glass doors and windows let in the pleasant sunlight

Set up a family house from different angles view close to natureNature has a positive effect on body and soul

Family house two-story large glass window light sun during the dayOpenness and transparency are achieved

Design natural environment tree wood board floorThe direct connection to nature and sun inspires

Family house wall floor ceiling wood material usedThe ideal connection between interior and exterior

Family house courtyard privacy screen stones lawn beautiful ideasEvery detail of the facility is perfect

Design fireplace light tones perfectly match each otherColor palette is supposed to give peace and mood

Design modern equipped wooden furniture sliding doors lightThe magic of the sun

Family house hallway sun reflect beautiful long connection

Design modern decoration elements wood material hallway

Design staircase two floors connect decorative figures

Family house tips naturalness calm relaxation mild lighting

Family house design bright colors accented by naturalness and openness

Family house wood material mild lighting decoration ideas

Family house modern current interior white brown colors

Family house finished in 2011 designer studio pha ideen

Design plan transparency openness sun nature

Family house connection nature environment residents plan project

Family house designed customer czech republic vacation option