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Exposed concrete walls bring out the green of the garden and colorful decorations

Floor-to-ceiling glazing with a view of the courtyard

This flat roof house is a fine example of modern architecture where the focus is on the connection between people and nature. The house is located in Lago Sul, Brazil, and was built by Equipe Lamas in 206. It extends over a total area of ​​750 square meters, with all rooms organized on one level. The house is specially designed for a family who loves the outdoors and wants to enjoy more time outdoors. Exposed concrete walls and large window fronts are therefore used to underline the beauty of the surroundings.

Exposed concrete walls and garden green

pool area-wood-edging-tree-shade-dispenser

The house is surrounded by trees, green lawns, aloe vera plants and grasses. Several sitting areas and lounge areas on the terraces invite you to relax and a beautiful swimming pool with turquoise water offers refreshment on hot days. The architects really created outdoor spaces where the family can enjoy nature and their time outdoors.


The inside of the house impresses with its open floor plan and spacious rooms. The residents can see the fantastic gardens at any time through the large windows. The light-flooded rooms are very inviting.

covered-terrace-relax-armchair-floor tiles

Fair-faced concrete walls can be found both outside and inside. The beautiful wooden ceiling and the brown floor tiles contrast with the gray concrete and give the rooms more warmth. The furniture has a rather simple design, while the decorations and works of art set accents with their intense colors.


The contrast between exposed concrete and dark wood can be found again in the kitchen and bedroom. The furnishing exudes a nostalgic retro style and lets the garden green come to the fore again.

Exposed concrete walls inside the house

exposed concrete walls-living room-colorful-decorations

At night the house and garden bathe in light. The amazing lighting creates unique effects and creates a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere in the house. The floor lights make green areas and gardens shine.

Take a look at all the pictures in the gallery and see for yourself how harmonious the connection between inside and outside is!

exposed concrete walls-brown-floor tiles-living room-red-carpet

brown-floor-tiles-pattern-carpets-wooden furniture

exposed concrete walls-wood-room divider-living area

brown-floor-tiles-inside-exposed concrete walls

Exposed concrete-wall-kitchen-floor tiles-wooden fronts

exposed concrete wall-wood-elements-bedroom

home office sliding window retro furnishings


Effective lighting concept for home and garden


night-lighting-house-brazil-floor lights



night lighting patio sliding elements


living area-wooden-ceiling-brown-floor-tiles-large-windows

A project by Equipe Lamas Architects