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Exposed concrete inside for floors and ceilings – an architect’s house in Israel

Exposed concrete inside -hang-evening-eucalyptus-trees-fence-privacy-evening

The Israeli architecture firm Pitsou Kedem designed a house with a contemporary design for the architect himself. Similar to the architects’ projects, the building has a flat, rectangular appearance and Fair-faced concrete inside and found outdoors. Rough, unprocessed surfaces made of wood, steel and natural stone combined with endless window walls along the rooms are only a small part of the remarkable design. The result is a timeless, contemporary architectural object that hides all the functions and properties of a family house.

Exposed concrete inside and outside for the floor and ceiling in an architect’s house

Exposed concrete inside-lawn-house-architect-house-garden-trees-terrace

The elongated rooms with exposed concrete inside for the floor and ceiling create a feeling of infinity. Natural light streams from one side to the other through the large glass fronts without window frames. Several eucalyptus trees can be seen in the garden and through the windows. The house is actually built on a slope and extends over two floors. The basement is not completely underground and accommodates the bedrooms. On the ground floor there is a living room with an open kitchen and dining area and of course an area for the architect’s children to play. The furniture is characterized by contemporary design using natural materials and fabrics by current artists.

Modern design with exposed concrete inside for the floor and ceiling

Exposed concrete inside-outside-house-window-wall-living room-eykaliptusbaum

Concrete for floors and ceilings in living areas 

Exposed concrete inside -floor-ceiling-living area-dining table-chairs-architect's house

Open kitchen with dining room

Fair-faced concrete inside-dining area-open kitchen-wood-front-wall cladding

Fair-faced concrete for floors, ceilings and roofs

Fair-faced concrete inside -window wall-outside-garden-dining area-dining tables-chairs-lawn-trees

Decorative holes in the wall and lawn in the garden

Exposed concrete inside -garden-lawn-dining-table-chairs-living room-glass wall-tree-bushes

Eucalyptus trees in the garden of an architect’s house in Israel

Exposed concrete inside -eucalyptus-tree-carpet-pattern-sun-light-shade

Window and concrete walls

Exposed concrete inside -glass wall-eucalyptus-couch-house-garden-architect-house-modern-design

Ground floor living area in an architect’s house in Israel

Exposed concrete inside -living room-modern-furniture-children-wall-shelf-wood-white

Divide living area with partitions 

exposed concrete-interior-living-room-wall-white-wall-shelf-books-couch-modules-cushion-carpet

Modern interior with designer furniture made from natural materials

Exposed concrete-inside-glass-wall-window-wall-wood-lamellas-vertical-corridor-passage

A family home designed by the architect for himself

Exposed concrete-inside-floor-desk-partition-white-glass-wall-wall-shelf

Privacy and sun protection with level wooden slats


The house is on a slope



exposed concrete-interior-bedroom-wall-white-ceiling-floor-fan-workplace

exposed concrete-inside-stairs-ceiling-open-light-stairs-child-metal-cladding


exposed concrete-inside-wall-white-round-window-paper-airplane-child-game


exposed concrete-interior-architect-house-israel-kiselsteine-trees-eucalyptus-sky-beautiful-weather

Exposed concrete inside -architektenhaus-hillside-evening-trees-eykaliptusbaum-pebbles-lighting

Fair-faced concrete inside-house-architect-house-garden-outside-evening-dining-table-chairs

exposed concrete-inside-pebbles-wooden slats-privacy protection-evening-lighting-archtektenhaus

exposed concrete-interior-modern-architecture-design-architect-house-garden-children

exposed concrete-interior-architect-house-evening-garden-trees-lighting-plants

exposed concrete-interior-architect-house-privacy-screen-children-play-pebbles-wooden slats


Plan of the house and property 

exposed-concrete-interior-plan-house-architect-house-floor plan-division-rooms-property

Fair-faced concrete-inside-section-view-plan-stairs-two-storey-architect's house

exposed concrete-interior-plan-plot-house-section-trees-floor plan

* Architect house from Pitsou Kedem Architects