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Expandable Scandinavian house with a small living area and a large veranda

Those who like the Scandinavian style of living are guaranteed to enjoy this house design. It is an attractive, Scandinavian house designed by Rever & Drage Architects. It is located in Norway, extends over 100 square meters and belongs to a couple who are still childless. But it is not just the external appearance that impresses the home. It was also designed to be expandable at any time.

Scandinavian house combines the traditional with the modern

Take a look at the gallery below for more information on the features of the new home. If you haven’t really been fascinated by a Scandinavian house up to now, that may change when you see this combination of traditional and modern.

Scandinavian house design

Expandable Scandinavian House - The veranda can be added to the house later

The builders, a young couple, had a limited budget, which made the dream of their own home a little more difficult. This should be big enough not only to be able to pursue the hobbies, but also to offer enough space for children in the future. However, this could not be reconciled with the budget for the time being. The architects therefore developed a Scandinavian house that represents a great compromise:

Build an expandable wooden house

Scandinavian house with modern black wood veranda

This consists in the fact that the house was divided into two areas. The smaller one is the actual living area, i.e. the house, which consists of two floors of 50 square meters each and has enough living space for the couple. The ground floor is divided into an entrance area, kitchen with dining area and living room, which in turn enclose a laundry room on the same floor. There is also space for a living room on the second floor. There is also a bedroom, a TV room and a walk-in closet, which in turn enclose the bathroom.

Build a Scandinavian house with modern touches

Attractive veranda with sloping support columns

The rest of the house is the outside area and, more precisely, a covered terrace with Scandinavian flair, which is double the size and is spacious enough to be connected to the house later. So once the homeowners are financially ready to have kids, you can expand the house and get a bigger Scandinavian home that way. The veranda currently functions as an additional utility space. More precisely, it serves as storage space, garage, workshop, for gathering friends and as a place for slaughtering deer, since the wife is a huntress.

Veranda with color contrast - dark, Scandinavian wood and light OSB panels

The sloping openings of the veranda allow a view of the wide landscape and allow residents and guests to enjoy nature to the fullest. The veranda is neither completely open nor closed and in this way combines the space with the comfort of your own four walls.

If one day the house is expanded to include this area, the look of the traditional Scandinavian farmhouse will be confirmed even more. Until then, we will be happy about the balanced look and the balanced interplay of a small, but visually heavy living area and a large, but visually light veranda.

Scandinavian wooden house combines the traditional and the modern

Classic Scandinavian house with wood paneling and rectangular windows

Seen from the outside, another characteristic stands out and that is the way in which the architects have skillfully combined modern and traditional designs. While the isolated part of the house represents the classic Scandinavian style, the open veranda area shows itself in a more modern light, which can be seen above all from the windows in both areas. The large triangular openings of the veranda are a real eye-catcher and a great contrast to the small rectangular windows of the house. Modern wooden houses can therefore also have some traditional features and thus look even more unique.

Recycled wood as interior cladding for the terrace as a common room

OSB panels create a warm atmosphere on the terrace

Budget friendly Scandinavian style house with two floors

Scandinavian houses are becoming increasingly popular with young couples

Scandinavian house combined with modern and abstract accents

The house combines Scandinavian style with modern accents

Terrace with a view of the landscape and the mountains

Open sides offer a clear view of the mountains

Contemporary architecture for family houses in Norway

Neutral colors inside and out

Ground floor with kitchen, living room and laundry room and lots of windows

Scandinavian house – floor plan from the ground floor

Scandinavian house - floor plan of the ground floor with kitchen and living room

Second floor plan

Second floor with bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom

Side view of the house with porch

The wooden house with Scandinavian design as a plan in side view

The veranda has space for the car and many other things

The veranda can also be used as a carport for the car

Front view of the Scandinavian veranda

Plan the front view of the porch with triangular design of the windows

Plan of the house with traditional windows

Front view of the inhabited house with traditional windows

Design by Rever & Drage Architects.