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Examples of modern ceiling design – A luxury home in Jakarta

modern ceiling design examples-dining area-indirect-lighting-metal-panels

The 3-story F + W house is a project by the architecture firm DP + HS Architects and is located in an opulent residential area in the north of Jakarta, Indonesia. The property itself is at the end of a cul-de-sac and has a unique floor plan. A total of 8 people live in the luxury house, so each room has been adapted to the taste of its owner. Modern ceiling design, Indirect lighting and a clever combination of shapes and materials are just some of the fascinating elements of this house.

Modern ceiling design in the living room


The entire living space should be optimally used to provide comfortable accommodation for all 8 people. The building volume was divided into two and all rooms are planned on both sides. The area in between literally divides the house in two and acts as a corridor for natural air circulation. At the very top, a glass roof lets the light reach the ground floor. From morning to late afternoon, natural light is controlled throughout the room. The air outlets under the glass roof draw the warm air out of the building and provide cross ventilation. The gap that arises between the two parts of the house is filled with short bridges made of laminated glass.

Modern ceiling design with metal decorations

modern ceiling design examples-metal-panels-pattern-dining area

Modern design is interpreted differently in each individual room. Each room is designed differently with many variations in the use of materials and patterns. The long hallway with glass floors represents the relationship between the floors and creates a generous feeling of space despite the closely spaced rooms. The open living area is between the hallway and the swimming pool. The modern ceiling design in this area should therefore represent the pool waves.

Laminated glass bottom


On the roof terrace there is a small glass hut with a view of the sea, which is a few kilometers to the north. Thanks to this canopy, the residents can eat outside in the afternoon or evening or celebrate special occasions such as New Year’s Eve.

Thanks to the glass floor, daylight reaches the ground floor

modern ceiling design examples-glass ceiling-hallway-daylight

Ceiling and wall with damask patterns

modern ceiling design examples-living room-wallpaper-wall-ceiling-damask-motifs

Ceiling panels in 3D optics in the bedroom

modern ceiling design examples-bedroom-3d-panels-white-diamond pattern-indirect-lighting

Ceiling panels like pixels at different heights


Wall and ceiling design designed in the same style


Ceiling design in the home theater

modern-ceiling-design-examples-home-theater-3d-effect-white-diamond pattern-recessed-lights-leather sofas

indirect light emphasizes the wall surface


Bathroom tiles in natural stone look


Pool behind the house

luxury home-pool-purple-lighting-balcony-glass-railings

Facade and night lighting

luxury house facade night lighting cutouts

luxury house-facade-night-lighting-asymmetrical-wall

Façade panels in brown and gray tones

luxury house-facade-garage-brown tones

Plants as privacy screens

luxury house-rear-privacy-protection-terrace-green-plants

small glass pavilion on the roof

luxury house-roof-terrace-glass-panels-let-in-daylight

Project by: DP + HS Architects

Photos from: Mario Wibowo