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Environmentally friendly house with a window in the roof in Denmark

house design window in the roof entrance dunes denmark

Mankind tries more and more to pay attention to the environment. One way of protecting them is to use environmentally friendly houses, which are also becoming increasingly popular. Marc Koehler’s “Dune House” is one such house. It is located in the middle of the dunes of an island in the north of Denmark, which is what gives the house its name Window in the roof is located. The design of the house adapts to its surroundings thanks to its shape and the use of natural materials. The ecological thing about this house with a window in the roof is the use of central heating with biofuel, which drastically reduces the formation of harmful carbon. There are also ecological materials and environmentally friendly installations.

Window in the roof of a house – the center point is the spiral staircase

fireplace seating area comfort window in the roof spiral staircase armchair

A spiral staircase forms the center of the interior of the house with a window in the roof. This is integrated in every room, for example, it accommodates a fireplace and storage space. The house also consists of different levels. The rooms are connected to one another. The bedrooms are in the basement area and the living area with living room and kitchen is distributed over the upper levels. The interior design impresses with a combination of light and dark colors, which emphasizes the modern style of the house.

Windows in the roof light up the living room of the ecological house

interior house window in roof view deck chair living room

Sitting and dining area in the living room with a large window

living room couch pallet stool window large dining area

Second seating area by the kitchen with smaller windows 

modern kitchen wood dark window sink seating area

The windows offer a view over the dunes

living room fireplace black roof window design idea house

A seat swing by the window to enjoy the view

swing chair window in the roof stairs fireplace black railing

The bedroom in the basement with a small window

bedroom design window concrete wall basement modern

Interesting architecture for the house with a window in the roof

house roof window driftwood cladding outdoor

The house with an original roof is located on an island in Denmark

facade driftwood wall cladding window in the roof chimney house

architecture window roof driftwood koehler design

outdoor design architecture modern environmentally friendly house window small

house ecological lighting outdoor facade roof

window in the roof lighting modern design night house

terrace house design night lighting windows in the roof driftwood

plan architecture house windows in the roof project idea

building house roof windows basement bedroom idea levels

design stairs project plan house window roof levels

Design by Marc Koehler Architects.