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Cube-like holiday home in Switzerland with a dream panorama

New building house slope concrete modern architecture

A cube-like one Vacation home in Switzerland fascinates with a modern facade made of exposed concrete and wood. The building, designed by the renowned architects Lischer Partner, is located near the one in Vitznau and offers a dream panorama of the beautiful nature.

 Holiday home in Switzerland inspires with creative facade design

Switzerland exposed concrete window glass rock forest

The beautiful landscape inspired the architects of Lischer partner to their excellent project. The three-story Vacation home in Switzerland  is located directly on the slope and integrates perfectly into the surroundings. Many windows and terraces offer dream views of the picturesque nature. The façade fascinates with its contrasting design – the rough beauty of the exposed concrete is contrasted with the warmth of the wooden elements. The neutral colors create a visual connection to the nearby rocks. The monopitch roof compliments the overall look. Thanks to the cubic shape, the building turns out to be a quiet beauty.

Holiday home in Switzerland – wood characterizes the interior

Flooring ceiling design leather furniture large windows

The interior from Vacation home in Switzerland is shaped by wood. The natural material is widely used – as flooring, wall cladding and even in ceiling design. The light wood color makes the interior look homely. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of sunlight into the living area. A living room, a kitchen with dining area and several bedrooms are located on three floors. The rooms are sparingly, but very tastefully furnished. In the kitchen, there is a built-in kitchenette with a stainless steel worktop. The dining area in a minimalist style offers seating for family and friends. The absolute highlight is the living room – a cozy sitting area offers the opportunity to relax in a feel-good atmosphere.

The holiday home by Lischer Partner Architects is an excellent project with a modern vision that is characterized by a successful combination of materials and effective facade design.

Modern kitchen with dining area

Kitchen dining area chairs modern pendant lights metal

The fitted kitchen with a stainless steel rear wall

Stainless steel counter modern light wood paneling

Modern fireplace in the living room

Interior design living room set up glass facade

Fantastic view of the area from the balcony

Luxury dream panorama Alps lake forest

The material wood dominates in interior design

Interior design wood stair railing three floors

minimalist rectangular shapes characterize the interior

Design stylish recessed wood cladding

Comfortable sitting areas and large windows offer space for relaxation

House room leisure picture wall decoration

The windows in the bedroom reveal a dream panorama

Panorama lake Switzerland cottage wood wall

Cottage wood floor glass facade skylight

Slope mountains lake fog dream panorama

House slope concrete glass wood facade

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Architecture hillside house cube shape building sketch floor plan

Building style hillside building plan room division

Cottage in Switzerland modern architecture building sketch