Dream homes

Cove 3 – the modern house on the rocks of SAOTA


That modern house on rock from SAOTA was completed in 2010 and embedded in the cliffs. The house is located near Knysna, a city in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. This modern house should be incorporated into the topography and natural color of the fynbos to maintain a seamless connection with the landscape and the sea. The house enjoys breathtaking sea views to the east and south.

the modern house of SAOTA and Anthoni Associates


The idea was to create a living space with a floating roof element above it that responds to the slope. The roof is set at a high level so that it is hidden from the living space, creating the illusion that one is surrounded by the landscape.

the modern house with sea view


A triangular shape on the roof connects it with the sky. A solar analysis was carried out to eliminate direct sunlight from the building. A skylight hangs in the room to mitigate the double volume. The choice of glass material was carefully considered to avoid the effects of direct sun.

open living areas on different floors


The choice of materials – concrete, pure tin roof, wooden facades, stone and exposed aggregate concrete – allows the building to blend into the landscape. One enters on the upper level of the double volume, with a view of the ocean. A large staircase leads to the living area, kitchen, dining room and living room.

modern interior design


A spiral staircase connects the living area with a private lounge area and the master bedroom on a mezzanine. This spiral staircase leads to a lower level which houses a guest bedroom, home theater and living room. An L-shaped wing houses the two children’s rooms.

Stained glass window


In keeping with the sustainable architecture, a huge underground cistern was created under the garden terrace to harvest rainwater, while a heat pump and underfloor heating save energy.

Façade made of wood and concrete


Wood roof design


House on rock