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Corten steel sheet & red accents in a minimalist house in Peru

corten steel sheet facade-perforated-minimalist-house-design

Anyone who likes modern architectural styles is guaranteed to fall in love with this house immediately. It is located north of Peru in the coastal area called Piura. Both from the outside and inside, the house impresses with an attractive and high-contrast combination of reddish Corten steel sheet and gray, neutral concrete for the facade and interior walls. In addition, there is a modern and stylish interior, which on the one hand is just as neutral and matches the color of the concrete walls and on the other hand also offers color accents in orange and strong red. Take a closer look at the modern architecture with minimalist design below and collect inspiration for your own interior.

Corten steel sheet for facade – the interior

corten steel sheet window front-modern-shelf-white-wood

Already on the ground floor you will be amazed. The terrace is also the perfect extension of the modern living room and offers several seating options that can be used for different purposes. A roof is created here by a modern roof extension, which is equipped with unique, perforated panels made of Corten steel sheet and thus represent a beautiful, decorative element on both sides and at the same time also serve as sun protection. The reddish-orange color of the steel is complemented by the sofa cushions that adorn the patio furniture.

corten steel sheet living room-red-accent-gray-furnishing-carpet

While orange is used as an accent color outside, red is used for the inside. The design with different shades of gray and wooden surfaces is given a certain liveliness with this strong color tone, which even underlines the modern look of the rooms. Apart from the stylish red armchairs with stools that can be found in the living room and bedroom, the steel spiral staircase also impresses with this color. Steel is another key word here, because the material plays a major role alongside concrete and wood. Not only is the facade adorned with steel, but black steel beams are also shown openly in the rooms and thus serve as a decorative element instead of being concealed in the room design.

corten steel sheet living room-gray-tiles-concrete-walls-pitched roof

corten steel sheet bedroom-exotic-flair-armchair-red-privacy screen

corten steel sheet spiral staircase-steel-bright red-shelf-white

corten steel-sheet-metal-corridor-design-original-laminate-parquet-red-railing


The outside area

corten steel-sheet-terrace-seating-area-gray-sofas-sun protection-metal-fireplace







corten-steel-sheet-metal-inspiration-roof-birds-eye-view-roof terrace

corten-steel-sheet-metal-side-view-holiday-home-villa-project-own home

Design by Cheng Franco Arquitectos.