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Corten steel facade for old buildings: Do you like the industrial look?

The builders know: rust can indicate problems. The material Corten steel, however, is a weather-resistant steel that is ideally suited for outdoor use. Its red-brown patina automatically attracts attention and loosens up the somewhat cool, minimalist elegance of the metal. No wonder that the Corten steel facade is very popular. With more and more new buildings, certain decorative details or even the entire curtain facade are made from the corossized sheet metal. In newly built districts, houses with Corten steel cladding blend harmoniously into their surroundings. But what does it look like when the city villa is in the middle of the old town? We’ll show you an excellent house remodeling project from the Netherlands.

The former garage becomes a single-family house with a Corten steel facade

small house with corten steel on the facade and on the roof

The modern house is located in Utrecht, the Netherlands. There was originally a garage on the property, which the builders converted into a two-story single-family house with the help of various craftsmen. They also received support with the facade design from the Zecc architects. With its traditional exterior with a gable roof and many windows, the architecture of the building blends in harmoniously with its surroundings. The corten steel adds a homely touch and harmonizes perfectly with the brickwork of the buildings right next to it. The material is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also protects the load-bearing structure from the elements.

two-storey city villa with corten steel facade and large windows

At the same time, the combination of Corten steel and black steel window frames is rather reserved and minimalist. Not only was the facade clad with Corten steel panels, the roof and the massive chimney were also equipped with it. The metal can significantly improve the indoor climate: in winter it heats up quickly and then conducts the heat into the interior of the house, in summer it protects the house from the strong rays of the sun. It also keeps the wooden structure dry in all seasons.

Old building becomes a minimalist beauty

Living area with wall unit and wall cladding made of wood

The single-family house is minimalist on the outside, while the inside inspires with the use of natural materials. Wood adorns walls and floors and gives the interior a rustic touch. At the same time, the light wood paneling creates a visual connection between the individual areas and enables a seamless transition between the living area on the ground floor and the sleeping area on the second floor. The wood also allows a certain degree of design freedom: there are many storage space options hidden in the wooden walls. A wardrobe under the stairwell, a modern handleless wall unit in the living room and all wooden walls in the bedroom hide drawers and compartments. This way, the house can also be tidied up easily and everything will quickly find its place.

Bedroom with wooden walls and bathroom with ceramic tiles

The house is also very clever and functional inside. Numerous windows let in plenty of sunlight and create an exciting interplay of light and shadow. The built-in furniture creates niches with seating where you can relax after a hard day’s work. Even the stairwell offers numerous storage and decoration options.

Wall cladding made of wood and storage space possibilities around the stairwell inside

The stairs lead from the bedroom directly into the living area, where a spacious wall unit offers storage space for cozy bedspreads, accessories and of course books and CDs. The light-flooded room merges seamlessly into a sunny wooden terrace. In this way, the residents can relax both inside and outside when the weather is nice with a good book in hand.

Wall cladding made of wood and storage space under the stairs

The kitchen with an adjoining dining area is on the ground floor. The kitchen looks to the back yard and garden and the dining area is right in front of the house entrance. The furnishings in the Scandinavian style are based on contrasting materials and neutral colors. In the end, the former garage has become a stylish, modern and very functional home.

old and new houses side by side neighborhood in the Netherlands

After more than 10 years, the builders can finally look forward to the end result. They supported skilled friends during the construction. The team installed the wood and corten steel panels step by step. The builders attached particular importance to the facade. It should be modern and at the same time fit harmoniously into the surrounding old buildings. We consider the end result to be very successful. Do you also like the exciting mix of old and new, of industrial style and purism?

The Corten steel facade gives the building a rough industrial look

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The Corten steel facade merges into the roof and chimney panels

Corten steel roof for modern house in the Netherlands

The builders precisely matched the individual Corten steel panels

Corten steel details on the curtain wall and gable roof and windows

Thanks to the red-brown patina, the house blends in harmoniously with the surroundings of the old building

Coordinate new buildings in the old town with the old buildings

Generous windows and a wide window sill offer numerous design options

Convert your garage into a modern house

From garage to two-story row house

House with corten steel curtain wall and large windows

New building with Corten steel facade in the old town, narrow house with large windows

Garage conversion to a single-family house with Corten steel facade blueprint House with corten steel facade floor plan view from above House with corten steel facade view from the front

House with corten steel facade in the old town in the Netherlands blueprint

New building with Corten steel facade, floor plan, side view

A project from the Material corten steel