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Concrete house reinterprets Victorian architecture

Concrete paving stones lawn corner sofa living room sliding glass door

A construction project inspired by the Victorian era but created for a modern family – this is how it can be Concrete house the Nobbs Radford Architects describe.

Concrete house – the project was inspired by the Victorian era

Sofa dark blue carpet wooden stairs upholstered furniture

It works at first glance Concrete house in Sydney, Australia, modern and minimalist. But on closer inspection, the building reveals itself to be a quiet beauty inspired by the Victorian era. And indeed – the facade has the same proportions and shape as an old residential building – narrow and long windows, massive construction and only a compact construction volume. Thanks to the innovative design, the new building blends in perfectly with the surroundings – all neighboring houses are old town villas from the Victorian era.

Modern concrete house with stylish interior

Chair cozy sitting area floor lamp round carpet

The interior of the Concrete house convinces with an eclectic look that combines the Victorian interior design with modern furniture. The room layout – spacious living room on the ground floor, small library with fireplace and cozy seating area – is typical of the Victorian era. The richly ornamented ceiling creates a visual connection to the classic style.

The decor is simple but very stylish – the furniture is in neutral colors such as beige, white and gray. The warm wood color of the library and the fitted kitchen contrasts with the raw beauty of the exposed concrete interior walls.

Cozy sitting area in the Design living room

Pendant lamp Victorian era inspired interior

Fitted kitchen with wooden counter and dining area

Ideas floorboard light ash kitchen counter solid dining table rustic

Home office on the second floor with a large wooden cupboard

furnishing ideas Home office cabinet made of solid oak

Modern interior design influenced by the Victorian era

Bookcase system second floor wood built-in furniture

Spacious balcony on the second floor

Interior modern family home in Sidney Australia construction project

Wooden stairs with storage space and shelving system

Interior wood stairs railing moldings base cabinets shelving system

The minimalist principles are skillfully combined with the Victorian building principles

integrated bookshelf modern massive design ideas

Narrow windows and high ceilings characterize the otherwise minimalist interior

Stainless steel counter library wood base cabinets

Glass doors create a seamless connection between the inside and the outside

Bar chairs dining area set up sofa neutral color

The children’s room is set up to save space – the loft bed leaves enough free space for a play area

Solid wood stairs loft bed design playground below

Children's room loft bed skylight modern house family

Bathtub bathroom sparingly set up washbasin base cabinet long mirror

Guest bathroom design exposed concrete ceiling neutral color floor tiles

set up shower cubicle floor tiles glass door heater

Floors concrete glass garden courtyard tall windows

Concrete solid construction one volume compact facade design

Glass door construction project australia concrete floor narrow long windows

Victorian era inspired floor plan side view

Construction project a volume floor plan construction plan