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Concrete house on the hillside in Greece with asymmetrical architecture

concrete house hillside tense architecture network athens facade

The architecture office Tense Architecture Network based in Athens recently did an amazing Concrete house on the hillside in Kallitechnoupolis closed. The concept is to frame the beautiful views through sliding glass doors where an equally sloping hill rises.

Concrete house on a slope – a project by Tense Architecture Network

concrete house hang tense architecture network kallitechnoupolis concrete

 Since the residence borders on two other residences on both sides, one recognizes a concentration inwards and an escalating development of the areas towards the east. The inclined architecture follows the natural inclination. The glass windows are laid from the concrete slabs like in a shell. This cut opens the residence to the outside so that one can enjoy the air, light and beautiful scenery on the opposite side.

Concrete house on a slope with large picture windows

house residential structure hillside greece concrete facade terrace glass window

A swimming pool is enclosed in the lowest point of the house. On the level of the entrance there is an elongated terrace where the concrete slabs create a walled but uncovered outdoor space.

large picture windows

modern hillside house greece forest landscape panorama window

The facade is built with reinforced concrete, the material being two-colored. Earthly dark on the outside, and a slightly lighter shade inside. The geometric rigor of the prism is violently broken into three areas: the shell is broken, the boundaries from within, nature is invited into the house.

Entrance to the house     concrete house greece kallitechnoupolis entrance concrete facade

Exposed concrete and glass sliding doors are in contrast

hill house glass sliding doors concrete view hill

View of the opposite hill

concrete house kallitechnoupolis terrace view night lighting

Easy access to the terrace

concrete house tense architecture armchair books glass sliding doors

Glass stairs lead to the second floor

modern house on a hillside greece exposed concrete spacious

Sketches and floor plans

tense architecture network hillside house floor plan tense architecture network house slope terrain sketch tense architecture network kallitechnoupolis concrete house on the slope sketch tense architecture network kallitechnoupolis house slope sketch