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Color white for inside and outside – modern home in California

Color white modern-house-california-avant-garde-window-honeycomb

An architect house in Redondo Beach, California, USA returns to the avant-garde and contemporary notions for the home of the modern metropolitan. Only the house and garage door on the street side of the house are reminiscent of the rectangular dimensions of the ‘standard’ buildings. The main structure shines in Color white and the other – in restrained gray. The unconventional shape of the windows and openings – elongated honeycomb – makes a big impression.

White color and architecture avant-garde in California, USA

Color white -modern-house-california-architecture-city-street-urban

In the architecture, as well as in the room concept, the radical and strictly geometric design language can be understood. Openings in the floor and ceiling, between the floors in the interior create a new concept for inside and outside. The outer windows have an elongated honeycomb shape that can also be found inside.

Color white for facade and interior

Color white -modern-house-honeycomb-panoramic window-avant-garde

In the facade design, as well as in the interior, the color white predominates, which ensures a modern appearance in a minimalist style. The furnishings obey the straight lines of the facade and are characterized by geometric proportions. In the interiors, contrast is created by individual monochrome accents, pieces of furniture that give the room design a personal touch.

The color white prevails in the modern kitchen

Color white -modern-house-kitchen-minimalist-modern-lamp

The house extends over three levels and a total of approximately 353 square meters of living space. Seven rooms, including a garage, cellar, kitchen, living room, master bedroom and a mezzanine floor with an exclusive terrace with sea views, are available to the residents. The private house was designed by Patrick Tighe architects and designed for the Garisson family.

Color white outside, on the terrace with sea views

Color white -modern-house-terrace-sun lounger-panorama window

Color white and as an accent – couch with upholstery in fresh pistachio green 

Color white -modern-house-living-room-high-ceiling

Color white and for contrast – black sofa and carpet


White inside – view through the honeycomb window


Real play of light in the completely white stairwell


Geometric shapes and white Color in the interior


Round openings through the floor and ceiling


Openings and windows play with the space 


White and reduced, straight lines – minimalist bathroom with window


Modern house in California – west and east facade floor plan


Modern house in California – floor plan and floor plan


Modern home in California – side view building plan


* a project by Patrick Tighe Architecture