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Cedar wood facade in harmony with the environment – a dream house high in the mountains

south side modern dream house cedar wood facade

An impressive house clad in cedar is located on a gently sloping tannery ridge in the mountains of Utah. Red Hawk House is a private Park City residence home to a family of talented designers. The architecture of the house is adapted to the surroundings by the architects from Imbue Design, so that one can benefit as much as possible from the spectacular views. The cozy outdoor areas and wide terraces offer a breathtaking view that is impressive in every season. The cedar wood facade of the house is in harmony with the natural surroundings in spring, summer and autumn and forms a nice contrast to the snow-covered mountains in winter.

house driveway cedar facade contrast

The material used to build the house is known as Western Red Cedar. This type of wood belongs to the North American conifers and is often used in exterior construction. Its brown color radiates naturalness and thus harmonizes perfectly with the natural landscape. In winter, on the other hand, it forms a sharp contrast to the white snow. In this way, the house in the mountains is beautifully presented. The cedar wood facade is particularly weatherproof and can withstand large temperature fluctuations, which is why the architects decided on it.

garden courtyard cozy seating area fireplace

For the summer months, the house is equipped with a wide veranda that runs around the house. There the residents can enjoy their meals, relax in the afternoon with a book or simply enjoy the breathtaking view. In addition to the veranda, the Berghaus also has a spacious outdoor area that is comfortably furnished. The garden is designed like an inner courtyard in the middle of the house and is thus protected from the strong wind. An outdoor living room accommodates residents when it rains and, with the help of sliding doors, can be converted into a cozy room with a view when the temperatures drop in winter.

living room view mountains furnishing design classic furniture

Inside, the house has an open living room with dining area and kitchen, which fits perfectly with the dynamic lifestyle of the family. The large bedroom is designed with a private bathroom and of course offers a spectacular view of the mountains. Since the owners are designers by profession, the architects have designed a small separate workshop where they can get really creative.

You can take a closer look at the beautiful house with cedar wood facade in Utah in our picture gallery!

living room view mountains floor-to-ceiling windows

cedar wood cladding outside glass front view

berghaus wood stone glass noble connection

open kitchen kitchen island dining area pendant lights

kitchen dining area bright color accents

house library reading corner cozy access to the garden

interior design diaper staircase yellow railing accent

bedroom spectacular views floor-to-ceiling windows

private bathroom bedroom sliding door bathtub

house in the mountains terrace view nature mountains

cedar facade house courtyard lawn

spacious courtyard windbreak outdoor fireplace

outdoor fireplace concrete view mountains

mountain house large veranda glass front wonderful view

Berghaus cedar wood facade contrast snow

house design cedar cladding facade

garden concrete stepping stones wall view

entrance garage cedar cladding outside

cedar wood facade dream house nature

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