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Cedar cladding in harmony with the rocky surroundings – a hut on the shore

Hut Norway cedar cladding in harmony with rocks

In today’s fast paced world, many of us long for some time out in a place of rest and relaxation. Some opt for a holiday in a 5-star hotel with a spa and wellness area, while others prefer secluded accommodation in nature. If you belong to the latter type, then the Østfold Hut by Lund + Slaatto Architects will inspire you. It is located on the Oslofjord in southern Norway and fits perfectly into the natural landscape. The cedar cladding is in harmony with the surrounding rocks and has the same color palette. Read more about the design and furnishings of the hut below!

small hut rocky landscape stairs entrance

The small hut with its annex is located on the shore and offers wonderful views of the fjords. The cedar cladding is designed in such a way that some of the slats serve as sun protection for the interior. The roof is also clad in cedar and looks like a continuation of the rear facade. In addition, a small canopy is formed on all sides of the hut. The shape of the house comes from a former house in the same place. In order to guarantee the highest possible room height, the roof was constructed according to a special construction method.

Hut moderes design cedar wood facade roof

A small wooden staircase with floating steps leads to the rear entrance. You enter the living room directly from the small wooden deck. Large folding glass doors remove the boundaries between inside and outside, so that the small terrace serves as an extension of the living area. The timber used for the facade and the wooden deck around the house has a golden, light gray hue and is perfectly adapted to the coastal landscape.

modern cabin on the waterfront living area folding glass door terrace

The surrounding rocks inspired the architects for several levels in the hut’s interior. The height of the room allows the creation of a second floor, where there are a few places to sleep. The living room is cozy and characterized by Nordic simplicity. The sofa with two orange stools sets accents in the room. Paired with seat cushions in blue, the upholstered furniture gives the room a maritime flair.

View living room cabin on the lake cedar wood exterior blinds

The view from the living room is fantastic. As far as the eye can see, calm waters and small islands can be admired. The generous glazing lets a lot of daylight into the interior and creates a bright and inviting interior.

nordic simplicity interior design cottage Norway

There is a fireplace next to the living area for quick heating in every season. If you want to relax by the fire, you can sit down on a comfortable bench next to it. This also has some storage space where the firewood is stored. Behind the fireplace there is another level that is furnished as a small reading corner with a comfortable armchair.

small norwegian hut on the shore interior wood kitchen

If you pass the living room, you get to the kitchen. It is minimalist and completely furnished with wood. A large viewing window provides daylight and invites the sun’s rays into the interior.

Use cedar wood for facade modern roof

Outside, the cedar cladding is combined with black steel, which creates interesting contrasts. The architects designed a small extension to the hut, which houses another, private bedroom.

Cedar cladding, horizontal slatted stairs

modern hut nordic design facade cedar wood

Hut on the shore, rocky surroundings, harmonious facade cladding made of cedar wood

Cedar cladding harmonizes with the rocky landscape

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