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Building a new house – which type of house suits me?

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Is there anything better than your own home? Many people share the dream of having their own four walls and maybe a little more. But everyone has a personal idea and if no property corresponds to this, there is another possibility – to build a new house. The decision has been made, but the range of options is wide. With information about the existing options for house type, roof shape, house style and materials, the first step of an exact idea grows from a mere thought about the home.

Building a new house – different types of houses and their advantages

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There are numerous house types that can be clearly distinguished from one another, but also others that only professionals can precisely categorize. Some are known by two or more common names, but mean the same underlying type. Building a new house has the advantage of being tailored to the wishes and ideas of the client. A selected structure with a roof in a different architectural style has different properties and the visual effect changes enormously. In addition to individual solutions, large construction companies such as Viebrockhaus several house types that can be viewed in model house parks and enable you to get a concrete idea of ​​the materials used. The sample interiors serve as a model for those that will be built and designed in the future. The shapes, the colors and the quality of the materials can be explored up close. Trying out, touching, even a little trial living are expressly encouraged. In this way, you can get to know the different house types ‘first hand’. In a free consultation, you can find out in detail which type of house exactly meets your requirements and the needs of your family. So that you can understand which options are available, it is definitely worth investing a few minutes and doing a guidebook test to find out which type of house is right for you.

Build a new house and live romantically – half-timbered house

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By far the best-known form of house construction was the half-timbered house in all of Central Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. Mainly wood was used for the building structure and roof, mostly native species such as fir, oak, also Douglas fir, the walls were built with clay, and straw was used for the roofing. A house of this type of construction usually has at least two stories, but there is an upper limit to the building’s sustainability. Modern forms realize the romantic idea from the past without renouncing modern building materials, thermal insulation and energy efficiency. Today the new half-timbered house based on the traditional model is experiencing a renaissance, especially in Lower Saxony, determined the President of the Association of Private Builders (VpB) Thomas Pennigh WorldN24. There are a number of options, which in many cases remain true to the popular style and interpret the classic construction in a modern way. Large glazed fronts for loosening up and more panorama work just as well as fully plastered walls for more privacy.

The house type creates a cozy atmosphere and expresses itself as a suitable domicile for personalities who prefer the natural, uncomplicated furnishing style and who like to have family and friends around. The stable, tried and tested and sustainable construction promises security and the use of wood ensures the desired, cozy feeling of living. The kitchen is the center of family life and for this reason it is particularly important to plan it generously and functionally. A protective atmosphere should prevail in the bedrooms, which is why the area in the attic or first floor is intended for this.

A new ones Build a house when quality and safety are paramount 

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For some, the step of building a new house is a question of a higher quality of life. High-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship give the design, as well as the house extension, a different overall picture. People who value comfort and style do not leave it to chance and have a clear idea of ​​what their house should look like. Well-engineered technology brings more security and energy efficiency, and of course it shouldn’t be missing. The right new house for such personalities is characterized by the classic living concept, has a symmetrical facade, a classic gable-roof house or a modern city villa. When it comes to the room layout, the traditional variant with a large living room, dining room and separate kitchen meets the need for order and well-planned processes in everyday life.

Classic and safe living in a house with a gable roof


The house classic with a gable roof will meet the expectations for quality and safety in your own home. As a rule, it is a multi-storey single-family house equipped with the roof shape mentioned. As a classic, it has proven itself as a down-to-earth, functional solid or prefabricated house, often with a full or attic storey with its typical slopes and angles.

Live in the city and build a new house – villa on the outskirts

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The term city villa mostly evokes associations with size, luxury and elegance. But it does not necessarily take above-average financial wealth to be a resident of a city villa. Translated, villa simply means country house, but not associated with a stylish private garden. In the past, villas were built on the outskirts and this is how they get their current name. This type of house is usually built with two full floors and a hipped or flat roof and offers plenty of space for a large family, a few bathrooms or an additional study.

Build a new house – a barrier-free bungalow with a flat roof


A bungalow is defined as a single-storey, single-storey house. It often has a flat roof, but can be built with a hipped roof and rarely with a pitched or monopitch roof. If there is a basement, it does not count as a floor, but can be used as additional living space. In rural areas, the local holiday home landscape is dominated by this type of house, which is why bungalows are often confused with holiday homes. Due to its ground level, a new house of this type is a popular property in every age group, as it can be designed easily barrier-free and with free access to the garden. If there is no inevitable need to build in height, this variant for building houses is associated with very little effort. Since no load-bearing walls are to be taken into account, the acquisition costs are considerably lower than for other house types.

Strive for modern living and build a new house – architect house

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Contemporary living concepts are characterized by clarity and independence, are characterized by high, wide rooms and open spaces. Materials such as stone, concrete, raw wood and steel dominate the house design, the color palette is kept more neutral. If there is a need for plenty of space and simplicity, a modern and individually planned new house is the best domicile. A Bauhaus or architect house with large glass surfaces, spacious living rooms and several bathrooms will meet all the high demands placed on a modern way of life. However, the fulfillment of individual wishes is not a problem, but the costs are usually higher than with the other house types.

Build a new house and accommodate several generations under one roof – modern Semi-detached house with pent roof 


Modern multi-storey houses that end with a pent roof are understandably called pent roof houses. The gable-less roof slopes down from one side of the house to the other. The incline has a strong influence not only on the appearance, but can also have an effect on properties such as rain protection and snow content. This type of house is also built in a variant as a semi-detached house for multi-generation households and gets its unmistakable character from two inconsistent roof slopes. Pent roof houses facing the sun are particularly suitable for installing solar systems such as photovoltaics or solar thermal systems.