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Building a house on a hillside – a modern architecture made of wood and metal

house on a hillside wood-facade-lawn-garden

Hillside houses are undoubtedly a challenge and are therefore often avoided. A modern house on a hillside was built in Vilnius, Lithuania by the company arches. It has an interesting wooden facade and window fronts, which together with the terraces offer a perfect view of the beautiful garden and the surrounding nature. You can get a closer look at and into the house with modern furnishings in the following gallery. See how an otherwise rather impractical hillside location can be used to best effect.

House on a hillside – facade and garden

house on a hillside modern-architecture-wooden facade-window front

The spacious living room with dining area, as well as the kitchen and some other rooms in the house have a unique wooden ceiling. This has an interesting shape and, together with the wooden floor, makes the interior look cozier. Furniture and decoration, which also includes a free-standing fireplace, are stylishly chosen and create a perfect living atmosphere, which is even enhanced by the brightness thanks to the window fronts. Because the house was built on a hillside, it was decided to design the public living spaces on the second floor. This also gives you a broad view.

house on a hillside concrete-metal-wood-design-minimalistic

Dark colors adorn not only beams and window frames, but also part of the furniture and decorations and not to forget the modern kitchen. This is in contrast to the bright light during the day. The kitchen is stylish, elegant and simple and is also used as a room divider between the kitchen area and the hallway. The modern architecture is a mix of materials. In addition to concrete, metal and wood were used for the construction, which adapt to the natural surroundings.

house on a hillside garden-design-garden-path-large-windows

The garden is characterized by a minimalist garden design, which mainly consists of a lawn that also adorns one of the terraces or a balcony. Nonetheless, attention was also drawn to the special property of the property. The slope was also planted with easy-care shrubs and bushes.

house on a hillside library-gray-facade-windows-ground floor

house-on-hillside-balcony-second-floor-wooden slats-privacy screen





House on a hillside from the inside

house-hillside-living room-lounge-free-standing-fireplace

house-hillside-dining area-living room-dining table-black-wood-ceiling

house-hillside-kitchen-modern-room divider-kitchen island


house-hillside-stairs-wood-steps-metal railing-ceiling-design-creative

house-hillside-ground floor-tiles-gray-monochrome-white-walls



house-hillside-ground floor-garage-floor plan-rooms

house-hillside-second-floor-build-living-areas-bedroom-living-room-floor plan


house-hillside-architecture-project-arches-wooden house


Design by arches.