Dream homes

Boundless living concept – a house in connection with nature

Limitless living concept: house-concrete-ponds-plants-close to nature

This modern dream home is located on Hamilton Island, one of the most visited islands in Queensland, Australia. The house is designed by Renato D’Ettorre Architects and has a close connection with nature. A limitless living concept is made everywhere around the house with the help of sliding glass doors and enables a nature-loving indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Boundless living concept – living with ponds and waterfalls

Limitless living concept house-concrete-stone-ponds-open-living spaces

The house is built on a slope, designed with an open floor plan and thus closely connected to nature. Ponds and trickling waterfalls are laid out both indoors and outdoors and planted with tropical plants. For the sunny days there is a roof terrace with a pond on the roof, where you can relax and enjoy a wonderful view.

Limitless living concept for an indoor-outdoor lifestyle

Boundless living concept close to nature-living-living-room-relaxation

The living rooms and the outdoor areas merge when the sliding glass doors are open. The interior is modern, with smooth surfaces and colorful accents. Colors like orange, red, dark purple, green and yellow ensure a playful interior design and are reminiscent of the tropics. The open living rooms offer a wonderful view of the ocean and the islands and enable a nature-loving indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Dream house with modern architecture and infinity pool


The home on Hamilton Island is built of concrete, stone, and glass to withstand the devastating force of tropical cyclones. The different parts of the house are connected with glass corridors. A large infinity pool is directly connected to the open living room and is perfect for relaxing with an ocean view.

Concrete house with infinity pool


Open living room with pool and ocean views


Tropical plants in the outdoor area


Boundless living concept for a nature-loving way of life


House on a slope with a breathtaking view


House surrounded by nature


View over Hamilton Island, Australia


* This modern dream home is from Renato D’Ettorre Architects designed.