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Barn conversion to loft apartment with modern interior design

Barn conversion to a loft apartment, modern living area, wooden floorboards, load-bearing column

The Italian architecture firm MdAA architects(Massimo d ‘Alessandro, Paolo Pannocchi, Maria and Maurizio Cagnoni Cagnoni) has converted a former stable into a breathtaking loft apartment. Of the Barn conversion to loft apartment was completed in 2009 and is located in Trastavere, the 13th rione (district) of Rome, Italy. This unique apartment impresses with its interesting interior design, in which the available living space is optimally used.

Barn conversion to loft apartment in Rome

modern loft apartment living area wood floorboards reading corner books

Trastevere had a number of stable buildings that were in use until the early 1900s. These buildings were very large compared to the average houses in the area and had large roof trusses. Therefore the maximum ceiling height in this loft apartment is approximately 10 meters. Large rooms with high ceilings, the dimensions of which were obviously designed specifically for horses and carts.

Barn conversion to a loft apartment – large but cozy living rooms

Stall conversion house interior design glass wood

The challenge with this project was to meet the customer’s wishes regarding the bedroom. They wanted a separate room from the open plan living area downstairs where the voices from the ground floor cannot be heard. The open living room with dining area and reading corner was planned there. The architects have enclosed this quiet bedroom requested by the customer in a metal box supported by a large column. The black metal plates contrast with the wooden floors and ceilings. Everything looks even more beautiful and cozy thanks to the effective lighting that emphasizes certain design elements.

interesting ceiling lamp above the dining table

dining room carpet zig zag pattern glass ceiling light white furniture

Access from the dining room to the terrace

dining area design glass sliding doors access terrace

10 meter high ceiling

stall flat conversion living room white sofas wood hall floor

floating construction in the middle of the room

Stable conversion rome loft apartment interior design stairs

Entrance to the bedroom

horse stable conversion wooden beams metal panels interior design

Metal box that encloses the bedroom

Barn conversion flat high ceiling gable roof wooden beams

the box is supported by a supporting pillar

stable conversion of residential house interior design metal cube room

stall remodeling modern loft apartment bedroom floating construction

Loft apartment floating construction, wooden gable roof

Barn conversion to loft apartment interior design wood metal

bedroom design converted barn rome

loft apartment rome interior design built-in wardrobe