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Bamboo external blinds provide privacy and sun protection for a city villa in Singapore

A city villa in Singapore impresses with a clever concept for privacy and sun protection. External bamboo blinds shield the residents from their neighbors and at the same time allow a view to the outside. Thanks to the electrically controllable panels, as much sunlight gets into the interior as you want in the summer months. Since the angle of inclination of the panels can be adjusted depending on the incidence of sunlight, the house is protected from the strong solar radiation on the one hand and ventilated on the other. In this way, the residents can regulate the room temperature naturally and without air conditioning.

External blinds made of bamboo: privacy and sun protection made of natural materials

modern single-family house privacy screen for upper floor

Located in a densely populated district in Singapore, the city villa has direct neighbors on three sides. The short distance between the buildings in the district made planning the floor plan much more difficult. The clients wanted a comfortable house where they could relax in a modern setting. They envisioned a three-story, open-plan building on the ground floor, with multiple bedrooms on the first floor and a spacious home office on the second floor. The privacy and sun protection played a decisive role in living comfort.

Outdoor blinds made of bamboo inexpensive alternative for sun protection in summer

The architects at Wallflower opted for a modern, minimalist concrete house with plenty of glazed fronts. The clear contours, the white color of the plastered facade and the many large windows give the building its typical minimalist look and blend it harmoniously into the street scene. Large panels made of bamboo, a local and inexpensive natural material, offer privacy and sun protection. In this way, the lighting conditions in the house can be regulated as required in the morning and evening and the strong midday sun stays outside.

House facade design with adjustable blinds made from native materials in Singapore

The bamboo panels not only screen the private area of ​​the builder, but also the living area and even the front garden. So nothing stands in the way of cozy evenings with friends. At the same time, the external bamboo blinds give the facade a natural touch and create a visual connection between the modern and traditional building methods from the region. Even the balcony on the second floor is equipped with external blinds. The bamboo external blinds not only regulate the lighting conditions in the room, they also create exciting lighting effects, protect the facade from the strong rays of the sun and at the same time enable ventilation.

City villa in Singapore with modern furnishings

Living room with wall unit as a room divider and upholstered furniture

The furnishing of the city villa inspires with a modern concept. On the ground floor, the wall unit serves as an efficient room divider and separates the living room from the kitchen and the hallway. The upholstered furniture in retro style creates a targeted break in style and invites you to linger with a book in hand. A three-seater sofa, a couch and two armchairs offer sufficient seating for the whole family and their guests. A carpet marks the comfortable seating area. Patterned upholstery cushions, vases and bowls add variety to the color scheme.

modern minimalist kitchen with island and dining table for eight

The kitchen with adjoining dining area is a real minimalist work of art. The handleless cabinet fronts and the kitchen island with sink make it difficult to guess at first glance that it is a kitchen landscape. At the same time, the kitchen-cum-living-room is equipped with everything the hobby cook needs in everyday life to prepare delicious dishes. Right next to the kitchen is a functional dining area with a long table for eight. The kitchen opens to the terrace and garden through sliding glass doors.

electronically controlled blinds made of bamboo panels for the bedroom

The bedroom is a real oasis of calm. If desired, it can be shielded by bamboo panels or additionally darkened by opaque curtains. The external blinds let the view through and the natural material relaxes the eyes. The bedroom is equipped with sliding glass doors and glass railings. This enables a seamless connection between inside and outside.

Join us on a virtual tour and take a look at the other rooms as well!

The bathroom also has large windows and external bamboo blinds

Bathroom with window and modern bathroom furniture and ceramic bathtub

The walk-in closet is custom-made

Modern furnishing of walk-in closets Ideas

A shelving system in the hallway offers storage space for small items

Single-family house with runner in the hallway modern design with storage space

The stairwell looks towards the garden

Staircase with wooden railings and a view of the garden

A home office is set up on the third floor

Shelf system made of solid wood with lighting in the home office

View from the stairwell to the bamboo panels

Vertical external blinds made of bamboo on the suspended facade of a city villa

The vertical external blinds are electronically adjustable

Suspended facade with privacy and sun protection made of bamboo panels for summer

In this way, the lighting conditions in the living area can be regulated

Facade design with natural materials for a better indoor climate

The panels in front of the bedroom

Bamboo blinds on the balcony of a city villa

The bamboo panels give the minimalist facade that extra something

House with bamboo blinds in Singapore for better air circulation

Modern single-family house in the middle of a densely populated area

Privacy protection with blinds in the summer Make the facade of a city villa modern and comfortable

A minimalist work of art is hidden behind the simple facade

Privacy screen with steerable blinds on the facade of a city villa in Singapore

Plant pots and ornamental trees bring variety

Suspended facade and ideas for bamboo privacy screens for the balcony

View from the side: the city villa

Adjustable external blinds made of several bamboo panels shield the second floor

The lighting emphasizes the most important architectural elements

External blinds provide privacy in the evening

The house facade in the evening

Bamboo privacy screen for city villas with direct neighbors

Construction plan of the modern single-family house and the suspended facade with the external blinds

External blinds bamboo sketch from the project of the facade

The second floor houses the bedrooms

Exterior bamboo blinds on the facade of a city villa blueprint

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