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Apartment with attic – Deisgn Ideen offer comfort and luxury

stairs roof demolished geometry artificially connected dining table recessed lights

This modern Apartment with attic is of course located on the top floor of a building in Shanghai, China. 

Apartment with attic – geometry gives style and elegance

white tones wood elements concealing lighting perfect design

The original flat roof was partially torn off during the renovation to make room for an attic. The architect of the project is the company SKEW Collaborative. The triangular shape of the roof window impresses with its excellent structure and perfect geometric lines. The bedroom and study belong to the attic and no longer to the ground floor as before, which allows the placement of an open kitchen on the main floor. Locking between four walls is a thing of the past. The unique design of this modern Apartment with attic enables daylight to flood the entire room during the day. Indirect artificial lighting is generated with the help of concealing lights.

Apartment with attic – design and materials shaped the modern look

apartment with top floor study save space on the main floor

Staircase is characterized by further triangular elements, which add to the extraordinary appearance of the whole apartment. Project attaches importance to the functional improvements of the apartment. A free passage to the small, beautiful roof terrace is to be offered above the roof level. The interior is pleasantly cool. The hot air rises and disappears through the new skylights. Interior design of this Apartment with attic can above all be described as plain and simple. Industrial style steel windows, wooden flooring and white plastered walls create the modern look of the apartment.

Newly built white stairs lead to the modern open kitchen and the chic living area

modern apartment impressive light flooded with white colors

 Wood materials are used for the floor and furniture, which contrasts with white plastered walls

open kitchen part interior large white wall building floor chair table

The bedroom and study are in the attic to save space for the main floor

new stairs modern first floor attic

Modern bathroom with triangular design elements characterizes a unique appearance

modern bathroom marble several mirrors room large

A small passage to the terrace, which offers a view of the city, is possible via the attic.

apartment with top floor currently renovated roof terrace passage

In a city apartment with a roof terrace you can relieve the stress of everyday life

city ​​apartment light quiet offer terrace offer modern

The dream home is in Shanghai, China 

apartment with top floor currently city architect skew collaboratoive

Excellent design ideas create the perfect modern city apartment

construction company concept design sketch optimal setup

sketch drawing skew collaborative interieuer ideas inspiring

apartment with top floor newly renovated plan successfully