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A vaulted wooden ceiling characterizes the interior design of a new building in Oakland

No way old-fashioned: The vaulted wooden ceiling of a modern villa in Oakland, USA, looks really good. We present you the “Skyline” house, which was built in place of a building destroyed by the forest fire. The new building scores with a successful combination of old and new. The facade of the villa fascinates with the typical minimalist clear geometric shapes, inside the weekend house turns out to be a beauty with country house charm. Accompany us on a virtual tour and let the exciting architectural concept convince you.

Vaulted wooden ceiling as an accent in interior design

vaulted ceiling living room with indirect lighting and skylights

The “Skyline” house is located on a hill. Thanks to the beautiful location, there is a spectacular view of Golden Gate and the city of Oakland. The “Terry and Terry” architects who were commissioned with the design and completion of the building therefore opted for a minimalist construction volume with glass fronts. The one-storey holiday home is closed to the entrance, but opens through floor-level sliding glass doors to the balcony and the beautiful landscape. The generously glazed fronts not only allow a distant view of the picturesque area, but also ensure that the rooms are flooded with sunlight all day long.

A vaulted wooden ceiling sets subtle accents in the living area and makes it appear larger. The soft curves loosen up the otherwise strict minimalist look.

The arched wooden ceiling as a connecting element in the living area

Living room with wooden ceiling and natural stone wall and hanging fireplace

At the client’s request, the architects left the living area open and divided it into zones. The vaulted wooden ceiling plays a crucial role here, because it connects the individual zones visually and acoustically. The kitchen, living room and dining room merge seamlessly into one another. At the same time, there is the possibility of setting up cozy corners. For example, the whole family can sit down in front of the fireplace and enjoy being together or end the evening with friends while cooking and eating.

Clever room layout and functional furnishings

Living room with bookshelf and wallpaper and two-seater sofa and TV cabinet

Sometimes modern, sometimes with country house charm: each zone in the living area has a different effect. Be it the cozy reading corner with built-in wall shelves and wooden cabinets or the modern kitchen with a simple design language: every family member will find their favorite corner here. The house was also furnished very sparingly according to the purist principles. The furniture is kept to the most important things, the architects have deliberately avoided decorations. Here and there wallpapers with nature motifs and pictures of beautiful landscapes adorn the walls. Otherwise nothing distracts from the fantastic view, which clearly plays the main role.

modern kitchen with island and wooden ceiling with skylight and glass fronts

A wooden terrace and a balcony extend north and south of the living area, from which the residents can overlook the hilly landscape of the Eastbay Mountains. Here the vaulted ceiling sets off the picturesque view in a particularly effective way. It also reflects the curves of the hilly landscape, creating a seamless connection between architecture and nature.

Floor-level sliding door in the living room to the balcony

The balcony is a work of art in modern architecture. The all-glass railings made of clear glass hardly take up any free space and are hardly noticeable. In this way, the builders can marvel at the beautiful view from every corner of the living area. The terrace not only looks out to the mountains, but also opens up to the garden, where raised beds made of Corten steel give structure to the outside area. The desert plants and the lawn are very easy to care for. This leaves more free time for barbecuing or lounging.

modern bathroom with bathtub with view through window

The sleeping area and the adjoining bathroom are located right next to the living area. Here the wood no longer plays the main role, but the natural stone. The ceiling is plastered and, like the walls, painted in a neutral color. In this way, the bedrooms are at least visually separated from the living area.

Modern villa with natural stone tiles on the terrace and concrete bench

From the city of Oakland the path leads up to the driveway of the minimalist holiday home. A raised bed made of concrete offers seating there. The terrace, laid with natural stone tiles, leads directly to the living room.

The wooden terrace at the entrance to the house invites you to linger

modern villa in the USA with wooden deck and roof

The vaulted wooden ceiling has built-in lighting

vaulted wooden ceiling in the living room with sliding glass door and access to the terrace

Large glass fronts open the house to the beautiful landscape

Build a modern villa with a wooden ceiling and glass fronts

The one-storey holiday home offers a dream view of the nearby mountains

Modern architecture with a vaulted wooden ceiling and plenty of glazed fronts

Construction plans of the minimalist house: top view

New build blueprint view from above modern villa in USA

Modern two bedroom house: blueprint

New construction plan with an overview of the terrain and garage

House on a hillside

New construction plan, side view of the house on a hillside

The “Skyline” house is a project by Terry and Terry Architecture