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A small, modern backyard house built for rest and relaxation

modern backyard house wood cladding large windows metal roof

Even the devoted husband and father has to run away every now and then. Fortunately for Eric Fier, he doesn’t have to go too far. The Atlanta psychologist has a little one, modern backyard house built his own version of a “cave” where he can retreat behind his family home in Toco Hills. But with its remarkable architecture, vaulted ceilings and large windows, the house is everything else but a cave. A place that looks both modern and connected to nature. The garden shed was designed by the architect Bryan Russell of Dencity, the landscaping is by Nick Harrell of Core Landscape Group designed.

Modern backyard home in Atlanta

backyard house small terrace relaxing armchair lawn

The outer walls are clad in cypress wood, burned using a traditional Japanese technique. The planks are heated with a blowtorch until they turn black, then polished with a wire brush to remove the charred parts. This creates a beautiful, two-tone surface that is also weatherproof. There are gaps between the wooden floorboards and the building so that no moisture or heat can enter the house. Large canopies protect the terraces around the house from rain and glances from the neighboring houses. The sunny front porch looks towards the main house, while the shaded rear terrace is more private and faces a small forest of pine, birch and evergreen trees. For a completely different experience, Fier climbs a ladder to reach the rooftop terrace, where he can read or relax.

Modern backyard house as an oasis of calm

modern backyard house terrace wood exterior cladding gravel lawn

The 40 square meter interior is divided into three zones – a relaxation room, a home office and an entertainment area. Since the studio has no plumbing, it is classified as an additional structure, and the building permit – easier to get. Windows surround the relaxation room, where Mr. Fier can read or meditate. His sons know they are not allowed in unless invited and his wife Nicole is equally respectful. Maple cabinets line the wall. A desktop cast from concrete anchors the workplace and is reminiscent of the concrete floors. The architect Russell limits the range of materials so that the small space does not appear overcrowded.

Hanging chair for the back terrace

modern backyard house rocking chair large window planter

Ladder that leads to the roof terrace

backyard house wood pine cladding ladder seating area roof

covered front terrace

backyard house relaxation wood floorboards cladding metal roof

beautiful landscaping

modern backyard house design pebble lawn ornamental grass landscape

Memorial to his daughter who died of Tay Sachs disease

modern backyard house garden fountain gravel concrete monument

house backyard interior living room reading nook window

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modern backyard house floor plan calm relaxation