Dream homes

A quasi free-floating, modern single-family house in Peru

free-floating structures modern architecture garage peru

“A House Forever” means a modern family home, that from Longhi Architects Designed for a young couple in La Molina, Lima, Peru. You wanted a house where you could live forever. Architects were given a great opportunity to create amazingly contemporary architecture. The team interpreted their dreams in this interesting concept and built a “container of life”.

Modern single-family house with free-floating terraces

modern family house longhi architects peru free-floating terraces

The architect’s vision for a special house was completed when he first went to the construction site and realized that there was already an old house where the couple lived with their two children. Then the task was to destroy the house but keep the spirit. The metaphor for the design was to imagine that a large rock was found at the site and it had to be carved and designed to accommodate all of the living spaces for the family.

Modern single-family house with asymmetrical architecture

house architecture modern free-floating volumes wood stone

A garage for 4 cars, terrace, maid’s room, pool, kitchen, dining and living room on the ground floor houses the house. The rooms look like carved in the rock and the furniture is often built in. The interesting stone texture goes well with the other natural and artificial materials in the house and contrasts with the glass elements. To complete the overall picture, the black stone plinth supports four parts of the house, which extend dramatically towards the front.

 interesting decorations on the facade  house peru longhi architects side view

Inner courtyard and terrace

single-family house facade courtyard benches longhi architects

Stone and glass in contrast

Single family home landscaping pool backyard view

single-family house floating terraces glazing ground floor

Floor board and stone walls

modern residential house peru interior design plank floor black stone

Stairs down

modern house interior design peru lava stone stairs

family house interior design bathroom wood vanity lava stone

bathroom architects lava stone wall covering

bathroom family house peru glass shower cubicle lavastein

modern family house peru bad lava stone recessed skylights

modern family house lava stone recessed facade

detached house modern architecture longhi architects night lighting