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A modern house in Mexico – light and minimalism as leitmotifs

modern-house-living-area-led-lighting Photos: © Joe Fletcher

Mexico is a country kissed by the sun. That’s why the Miguel Angel Argones Architects for a modern house decided where they can use the strong presence of sunlight both in the interior and in the exterior. Natural light can create sensations and moods. The sun is the architect, the compass, the starting point and leitmotif of your projects. A modern house nowadays should plan the light in both summer and winter. The sun has to be captured, manipulated, seduced and its light saved. Not scattered, but softened. The art of playing with artificial light transforms the modern house with a completely white interior in a colorful, colorful world.

modern house with a brilliant white design

modern-house-minimalism-white-tricks-sklupturen Photos: © Joe Fletcher

That modern house La Palma faces south, from where it bathes in a continuous light at sunrise. The sunlight from the west has a completely different color and duration. So that the whole house shines inside and out by reflecting the sunlight, the designers have chosen the white color for every living space.

modern house in Mexico – kissed by the sun

modern-house-la-palma-mexico-pool-area Photos: © Joe Fletcher

In order to create beautiful and interesting effects, the architects have chosen different colors and tones for the lighting – yellow, blue, red … So the architect draws with light on the walls as if they were canvases. The natural materials such as marble, wood and glass harmonize beautifully with the colorful light installations.

bright white in the patio area

modern-house-mexico-outdoor-patio-area Photos: © Joe Fletcher

One of the most noticeable aspects of this modern house with a white facade and furnishings lies in his handling of light. Many contemporary Mexican architects use this as an important tool. Miguel Angel Aragonés have one again modern house designed where light, purity and peace dominate.

  white and minimalist interior

modern-house-spacious-living-area-white-minimalist Photos: © Joe Fletcher

colored light effects

modern-house-colored-light-installations-effects Photos: © Joe Fletcher

Glass ceiling design allows natural light into the house

modern-house-ceiling-design-glass-natural-light Photos: © Joe Fletcher

Lounge furniture

Miguel-Angel-aragonés-modern-house-lounge-furniture Photos: © Joe Fletcher

blue lighting

Miguel-Angel-Aragonés-design-bedroom-blue-lighting Photos: © Joe Fletcher

Sliding glass doors

modern-house-glass-sliding-doors-sunlight Photos: © Joe Fletcher

colored outdoor lighting transforms the modern home

modern-house-exterior-lighting Photos: © Joe Fletcher

white sofa in the patio area

modern-house-patio-furniture-sofa-white Photos: © Joe Fletcher