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A modern black house in the California desert

modern black house california desert facade

Designed by the renowned creative director Marc Atlan in collaboration with an architectural office Oller & Pejic, “The Black Desert House” is a modern black house, which offers a fascinating view of Joshua Tree National Park in California. The single story home is a minimalist, distinctive retreat in the desert where you can enjoy ever changing panoramas of color, light and shadow.

Modern black house in the desert

modern black house entrance facade desert california

Concentrated around an inner courtyard, the kitchen with dining area became the focal point of the interior design. A small staircase leads to a sunken living room, where floor-to-ceiling picture windows frame the view of the impressive grounds. Throughout the house, black walls, quartz, high-gloss lacquer, anthracite and darkened steel form the perfect backdrop for the carefully selected use of color.

Modern black house with pool

modern black house pool contrast desert

On the southeastern part of the property, the three bedrooms open to a pool with black tiles. The adjoining terrace is protected between the house and a boulder. At night the rocks are gently lit from below.

Stairs to the house entrance

modern house desert stones stairs entrance

Although only 30 minutes from Palm Springs, the serene and mystical atmosphere makes residents and guests feel as if they are completely separated from the hectic city life. The black desert house is currently being made available for professional uses such as fashion photo shoots, advertising campaigns, and TV and film production.

Pool between the house and a boulder

modern black house pool sun terrace desert contrast

breathtakingly beautiful desert landscape

black house pool terrace desert landscape

small courtyard

modern black house courtyard small tree

Glass wall to the living room

modern black house courtyard glazing tree

minimalist interior

black house interior design glazing colorful pillows

floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows

modern house interior design minimalist open design glazing

colorful floor pillows as an accent

modern house desert picture windows minimalist interior

at sunset

modern desert house desert landscape sunset

modern house desert california glazing views

Dining area and kitchen

house residential structure desert black furnishings kitchen dining area

red bar stool

modern house furnishings black dining area red bar stools

Gals sliding doors to the terrace

modern house sliding doors dining area terrace

modern house black furnishings kitchen dining area

modern black house small bedroom red dresser

small bedroom black red dresser glass sliding doors

small bathroom black design window

modern bathroom black gray design glass

modern black house oller pejic 3d visualization landscape


house-desert-california-architecture-plan modern black house sketch architecture



modern house-cross-section-plan-oller-pejic