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A modern architect house in Australia characterized by contrasts

modern architecture white facade black tiles pool Photos by Derek Swalwell

Steve Domoney Architecture have a fascinating modern architect house Designed in Hawtorn, Australia. The two-story house was called the Robinson Road Residence and was characterized by significant black and white contrasts. The architects were commissioned to build a larger house on the existing floor plan that balances the need for privacy with the greater intensity of development around the area. The perception of the open feeling of space can be felt immediately.

Modern architect house by Steve Domoney Architecture

modern architect house doomney pool

Photos by Derek Swalwell

A modern architect house like this one shows a self-confident presence in the entire street scene. The upper floor is divided into three sections and has a more asymmetrical structure. The smooth, white cube shapes in front and behind are separated in the middle by a small section, interrupted by contrasting dark types of wood.

Modern architect house with furnishings in black and white

two story architect's home high ceilings australia Photos by Derek Swalwell

The privacy is protected from street views, with the terrace being built deeper. In this way, the terrace serves as a visual barrier from the street to this private space, but at the same time enjoys some beautiful views as well.

open living room with black and white furniture

steve domoney architect house black and white interior furniture Photos by Derek Swalwell

Deeper in Architect house the residents have uninterrupted views of the private outdoor areas thanks to ample glazing. The interiors are connecting together thanks to the high ceilings and the open plan living space. A balance is created between the need for openness and the requirement for privacy.

Lounge area with fireplace

black and white contrasts living room fireplace modern architect house Photos by Derek Swalwell

It is immediately noticeable that the interior has only been designed in black and white. The minimalism can be seen in the living area, where the pieces of furniture are only reduced to the bare essentials. This modern townhouse is winner of Abode Magazine 2012 – House of the Year Awards – 351sqm +.

Dining area and stairs design

interior design dining area stairs architects house doomney Photos by Derek Swalwell

Bathroom design with skylight

bathroom design modern house architecture australia Photos by Derek Swalwell

Entrance and landscaping

white facade asymmetrical architecture Steve Domoney Photos by Derek Swalwell

Sun loungers by the pool

modern architecture house australia white lounge chairs Photos by Derek Swalwell

first floor plan

robinson residence australia architecture plan Photos by Derek Swalwell

Steve-Domoney-modern-architect-house-second-floor-plan Photos by Derek Swalwell