Dream homes

A modern apartment where concrete, wood and metal look cozy

dining area wood floorboards exposed concrete cutouts wall

S House is the name of the architect’s new project Igor Sirotov and presents a modern apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. Now you only see the 3D visualizations, but the interior design will be realized soon. The design was created for a young family and is very elegant, stylish and rich in contrast. They wanted a modern and cozy apartment where nothing seems superfluous, but relaxed and contemporary. A room where you can feel good.

Modern apartment by Igor Sirotov

modern apartment living room gray upholstered furniture tv exposed concrete back wall

The apartment extends over an area of ​​230 square meters and has an open living area that houses a living room, a dining room and an eat-in kitchen. The dominant colors in the living room are gray and matt white. The gray exposed concrete on the wall behind the TV emphasizes this color palette, while the wooden floor adds a nice contrast. The warmth of the wood contrasts with the cool concrete color. The contrast continues in the kitchen, but this time with matt black surfaces and glass.

Modern apartment in Kiev

modern living room gray corner sofa mini tree bucket

A black internal metal staircase leads to the second floor. There are two bedrooms, two walk-in closets, a relaxation room for relaxing and reading books, and a bathroom. Although the apartment is large, various solutions are used to optimize the use of space – such as built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, beds with storage space and a large wall mirror in one bedroom that visually enlarges the space. The special wish of the customers was to create a feeling of comfort and openness in the apartment.

modern apartment interior furnishing wood floor led lighting

modern apartment cozy atmosphere metal interior staircase

modern furnishings, open living area, wood flooring, dining area

modern living room wood wall floor beanbag hidden lights

reading corner cozy hall floor beanbags blue floor lamp

open kitchen-living room wood concrete floor black metal stairs

open living area kitchen island wood glass interior lights

kitchen island extractor hood black wood lights

modern kitchen island storage space glass fronts matt black

modern kitchen substructure led strips wood back wall matt black

dining area pendant lights contrast black metal stairs

dining area wood floorboards exposed concrete wall led strips effects

modern apartment reading nook open gas fireplace bookcase beanbag chair

modern apartment reading corner bookcase open ethanol fireplace hall floor

modern bedroom design wood wall floor led lighting ceiling

modern bedroom suspended ceiling led lights plank floor

bedroom design bench window plank floor led light effects

Modern furnishings, beds, storage space, wood paneling

small bedroom beds wood wall cladding optically enlarge the wall mirror

small bedroom wall mirror optical illusion wood wall

small bedroom larger wall mirror deco tree bucket

modern apartment bathroom mint wall floor white

modern apartment bathroom design shower cubicle bathtub mint

modern design bathroom wall mounted radiator bathtub shower cubicle

apartment hallway design wardrobe sliding door

modern apartment hallway wardrobe sliding doors storage space wooden floor

modern apartment desirable wardrobe white shelves

custom walk in closet white shelves carpeted brown

walk-in wardrobe matt white shelves made to measure

white shelves wardrobe covetable large