Dream homes

A luxury house in Israel – a separate cube for each family member

luxury house in israel pool water level separate cubes nestor sandbank

The architect Nestor Sandbank from Argentina now lives in Israel and participates in the television program “Extreme Makeover Israel”. On the show, he designs luxury homes for some of the country’s wealthiest clients. His newest Luxury home in Israel is called “Cubes” and is located in a quiet suburb of Ramot Hashavim. The concept for the modern villa is based on the wishes of a family whose members need their own private rooms. Each individual cube offers micro-units consisting of a private living room, bedroom, bathroom and a view of the pool.

 Luxury home in Israel with a great pool

luxury house in israel pool white facade night lighting nestor sandbank

These cubes are connected to another building volume and they all form an L-shaped house. This wing houses a home theater, a game room with billiards and table tennis, a designer kitchen and other common living areas.

 L shape luxury house in Israel

Luxury residential building Israel Nestor sandbank pool terrace

The house is almost entirely equipped with hi-tech products and technological innovations, in contrast to the natural green courtyard with orange, grapefruit, avocado and lemon trees. The interior design is characterized by a multitude of elegant structures and surfaces, surrounded by large windows and doors made of glass. They can be fully opened and closed at the touch of a button. Warm wood floors compliment pristine white walls and polished concrete stairs.

   pure white facade and patio furniture

luxury house in israel cube pool terrace white design sun loungers

Contemporary scluptures in the pool area

luxury house white facade pool scuttles nestor sandbank

Terrace and outdoor dining area

luxury house in israel nestor sandbank architecture terrace landscape

Awning for sun protection on the terrace

luxury residential building israel terrace courtyard pool sun sail glazing

Interior design and glass walls

luxury house israel L-shape pool terrace aum-high glass windows

luxury house israel cubes interior glazing wooden floor

the open living area

luxury villa israel cube living area concrete stairs

luxury house israel interior modern spiral staircase

luxury house israel concrete stairs wood steps

luxury house israel wood concrete glass contrast stairs

modern staircase wood concrete sklupture living area

luxury home floor to ceiling bookcase white furniture

luxurious house ping pong patio glass sliding doors