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A home furnishing that combines classic and modern

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This stylish Home furnishings is a project of Svoya Studio. The Ekaterynoslavsky apartment is located in an old, architecturally interesting building on the main street in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Light, neutral colors and a pleasant mix of classic and modern characterize the apartment and create a wonderfully cozy atmosphere.

A noble home furnishing with classic charm


Before the renovation, the apartment had two rooms with a typical interior design, where 4.2 meter high ceilings is something ordinary. The project was realized for a family who wanted a small and quiet oasis in the city. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The home furnishings can be described as “modern classic” and are characterized by a relaxed atmosphere. The 2-room apartment was converted into a 3-room apartment – the living room was combined with the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom were separated. The concept for the facility was not only shaped by the customer’s wishes, but also influenced by the cultural heritage of the historic building where the apartment is located.

A home furnishing where classic meets modern

living room-small-furnishings-classic-modern-style

The colors not only have an aesthetic role, but also a creative function. The incredibly high (for such small rooms) ceilings are kept in matt dark gray, which creates a feeling of depth in the room. In contrast, the white lacquered wooden panels on the wall and the parquet flooring are in a warm wood tone. The furniture, home accessories and lights with a classic look round off the classically modern overall picture. The glamorous white chandelier and white wall lights stand out superbly against the dark ceiling and walls. Your light is reflected by the beautiful, round wall mirrors, which creates additional depth. Optical illusion by mirrors is not only used here. Two large, square mirrors – one in the hallway and one behind the dining bar – visually enlarge the room and have a very decorative effect. The radial, white patterns contrast nicely with the dominant, rectangular shapes. The small pseudo-fireplace with LED candles, the wooden trunk coffee table, the designer leather armchairs are other important elements that provide more comfort.

gray lacquered coffered ceiling

living room-classic-modern-white-brown-gray

neutral colors in the living area

living room-furnishing-classic-modern-corner-sofa-dining-bar

white chandelier against the dark ceiling

living room-furnishing-corner-sofa-white-chandelier

Wall mirror creates optical illusion

living room-furnishing-corner-sofa-brown-wall-mirror-trick-optically-enlarge

warm light and cozy atmosphere

Furnishing of the living room-dark-gray-cassette-ceiling

small white kitchen unit with glass fronts


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