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4 Los Angeles luxury homes with great views

Luxury houses Blue-Jay-Way-terrace-at-night-lights-of-the-city

There is always something fascinating and at the same time calming in a wonderful view that you can enjoy from your windows or from your terrace. McClean Design specializes in just that – using the natural environment as a focal point. The designer team attaches great importance to contemporary aesthetics and natural materials in construction, they try to create large, open areas through glazing and investigate the dynamic indoor / outdoor lifestyle. Are you already curious? Yes, we have some great ones too Luxury homes, that prove it! Stay with us and enjoy the pictures!

The architect house McClean Design is based in California and focuses on environmentally friendly sustainable design practices. They have many years of experience in Los Angeles and the surrounding area and can really meet all of their customers’ needs. The architects and designers at McClean Design always seek the balance between the natural conditions of the locality and the preferences of their customers. This process is complicated in most cases, but the results are spectacular! These are really fantastic luxury homes that cater to their customers’ every need!

 Luxury homes realized by McClean Design


Blue Jay Way is a prime example of the amazing indoor / outdoor lifestyle that McClean-Design has created for their customers. This terrace with wonderful panoramic views of the city is incredible, but the design team has carefully put a canopy into place to protect from the hot summer sun or an unexpected downpour!


Here you can enjoy a leisurely meal outside or use the infinity pool at the edge of the terrace, with lounge seating and an outdoor fireplace. The outdoor lights in the covered area repeat the pattern on the ceiling in the apartment, blurring the line between inside and outside.


At dusk, the recessed lights illuminate the terrace and add a personal touch to this outdoor area.

Luxury Homes Blue Jay Way Patio Fireplace Lighting

Blue Jay Way is designed on two equal levels, the social and private zones are separated by a water feature. The two structures are surrounded by sidewalks and connected by a covered bridge. The covered bridge also acts like a picture frame to direct your gaze into the distance and make the view clearly visible.

Luxury houses Blue-Jay-Way-kitchen-kitchen-island-white-black

Since customers aren’t just into beautiful views and dynamic outdoor lifestyles, McClean Design hasn’t forgotten the indoor areas either. The kitchen is an amazing example of a modern kitchen space that any chef can only dream of. Here you have an abundance of storage options and preparation areas. The white cabinets and the light kitchen island are in stark contrast to the dark wooden cabinets on the walls. The clean lines of the entire furniture are broken by the softly upholstered sections on the chairs. It’s a story of contrasting surfaces, but when a chef is in the kitchen it’s also a great place to stay for a long time.

 Luxury homes enjoy enchanting views


Hollywood Hills Home is another example of a design house that McClean designed. In the evening the house offers a wonderful panoramic view of the sparkling city below. Since the house is very close to the street, the architects designed a private, quiet facade to the street, just with a small strip of vegetation that is easy to maintain. Strategically, they directed the landscape lighting towards the background to showcase the building’s windowless walls.


A small lawn is positioned between the house and the pool and provides a fresh, green touch here.


The green of the lawn and the blue of the pool create a modern geo-style – color effect when observed from the terrace and indoors.

luxury-home-Hollywood-Hills-Home-bio-ethanol-fireplace-patio-sun loungers

The geo style is continued here with the gas fireplace. The fireplace is in a rectangular box with side shelves wide enough to sit on or place a drink or plate. This terrace makes it extremely difficult for homeowners to spend long periods of time inside!


As it looks serene and relaxed outside, the same is true of the aesthetics inside. The social zone is surrounded on two sides by floor-to-ceiling glazing and the coffee table has the same effect as the outdoor fireplace. It should create a place in the interior for meetings with family and friends, where you can socialize and enjoy the cozy life in an intimate circle.


What a lovely place to enjoy the sunset, what a lovely way to watch the day come to an end!

luxury-house-sunset-strip-entrance-stair lights-glass-doors

Sunset Strip House – as the name suggests – it is positioned so that you can fully enjoy the sunset from here. The house offers a wonderful view not only of the city but also of the ocean. Its infinity pool is the connection to the sea and the city is transformed into an island between the two. It’s like a surreal vision of modern art.

Luxury homes sunset-strip-night-city-lights-infinity-pool-sculpture

You enter the Sunset Strip House as if you were entering a park. Large, polished cobblestones, separated by grass, lead you down the path to the lighted stairs, and from there to a deep and wide porch. You now have a few options: You could continue through the front door or you could take the sidewalk back. But you may prefer to look at the reflective water feature on the right for a while longer?


The reflection in the water is emphasized by the pale veins within the dark marble slabs.

Luxury Homes Sunset Strip Living Area Picture Windows

The same marble is an eye catcher on the social zone bar!

Luxury homes Sunset-Strip-terrace-open-hearth-large-sofa

Sunset Strip House is a two-story building with a social zone on the main level, as there is a better connection to the outside area. The private zones are upstairs and they are completely glazed so it doesn’t matter where you are, the views are with you everywhere!

Luxury-Homes -Tananger-landscaping-white-step-plates

Tananger house also has large, polished cobblestones separated by grass. Here we also see a lot of wall cladding with marble, one is particularly noticeable, this one in dark marble with pale veins. Everything in Tananger’s house is just white and gray. Even the steel sculpture is gray, which complements the marble background.


The same color palette can be seen in the interiors of Tananger House. The pure white beams are flanked by white and stainless steel bar stools, and sofas in the same deep gray shade as the marble tops match the walls in terms of color.

Luxury houses Tananger-infinity-pool-terrace-sunbeds

Outside on the terrace, the only place where more color is added is by the infinity pool. In addition, you can see the city and the ocean as well as the blue sky above! An enchanting view!

Luxury homes -tananger-infinity-pool-sliding-door-bedroom

The architects and designers at McClean Design have placed the master suite by Tananger at the other end of the house, for example separated and yet connected to the social zones. But all the premises are only a few meters away from the infinity pool, so it is always a pleasure to swim for a while in the morning or in the evening.


The homeowners can also watch their favorite film while swimming or watch an exciting sports event on the first-class TV outside.

Luxury houses -Tananger-bedroom-view-at night

At night, when the lights by the pool glow turquoise, this turns into a delightful place for sweet dreams.

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