Write on the chalkboard like an artist – tips and ideas for all things chalkboard art

Design your own decoration for the kitchen with a slogan on chalk board

The chalkboard trend (Chalk Art or Chalk Lettering) is extremely popular today and has made a triumphant advance around the world. Writing and painting on blackboards with chalk or chalk markers has become a real art. The effective chalk writing is also a real eye-catcher as a decoration in your own four walls. Have you ever wondered how the chalk letters look so perfect and professional? Presumably an artist drew them by hand? The good news: Even if you are not gifted with perfect handwriting, you can write on a chalk board and make it beautiful. Today we will show you some creative techniques how you can create effective chalk art with simple means. From individual letters to detailed works of art – anything is possible with these simple tips!

Lettering on chalk board: how to make beautiful hand-drawn letters?

Chalk board with saying in the living room Chalk lettering beautiful letters

You love table art, but unfortunately your handwriting looks exactly the same as it did on the first day of fifth grade? Do not worry! The first way to write on a chalkboard is with a stencil. This is absolutely the best way to get professional looking chalk art without the need for creative or artistic skill.

Chalkboard without frame Prepare surface Select chalk marker

Preparing the chalk board

Before you can write on your chalk board, you need to prepare the surface. Just rub the chalk all over the board and wipe it off with a dry paper towel. This is only done before the first lettering and prevents a shadow from the old image remaining on the board later.

Chalkboard wall decoration for the kitchen saying by Julia Child

Design and template

Use your computer to design lettering, graphics, etc. in your favorite word processing program, adjust the size and print them out as usual. Alternatively, you can download a template from the Internet. If the design you want is very large, you can glue several sheets of paper together.

Sharpen blackboard chalk with a pencil sharpener

If you want to write on a chalkboard, you can use various means:

Ordinary blackboard chalk – If you like the classic chalkboard look, go for traditional school chalk. It is also ideal for larger areas. Depending on how much pressure is exerted on it or how you hold and turn it, beautiful effects such as shadows and outlines can be created. Use a pencil sharpener to make the chalk as filigree as you’d like.

Chalk pen Chalk marker taking up ink with a brush

Chalk pencils – There is now a wide variety of chalk pens on the market. Chalk markers can be used on any non-porous surface – glass, metal, tiles, etc. They are also available in different tip sizes and a huge variety of colors. Be sure to store your chalk pens horizontally to prevent them from drying out.

A trick: Use a brush to pick up the chalk ink! With the chalk markers you have to press the tip down so that the ink comes out. This can sometimes be difficult when writing on a chalk wall because gravity is perpendicular to movement. So press the ink on a painter’s palette or a piece of paper and then pick up the paint with a thin brush.

Chalk board inscribe before after picture coffee

Chalk pencils – These are very suitable for sketching. For example if you want to sketch your design really easily. The main disadvantage of pencils is that they are difficult to remove later – especially where you have pressed hard. While it is possible to remove the lines, it will take some force to scrub!

Create beautiful effects in the art of chalk with chalk dust

Chalk dust – Even if you use a chalk pen or chalk pencil to write on, you should always have some school chalk on hand to roughly sketch your design. To give the chalk lettering an authentic chalkboard look or to lightly shade some contours, use some chalk dust.

Other helpful tools for writing on the chalkboard

To make sure your design is straight, use a ruler to sketch grids, or at least create a guide line for the top and bottom of your board art. A faint line is quite sufficient.

In addition, it makes sense to have a few other basic tools on hand, including a pencil sharpener, cotton swabs for touch-ups, and a wiping cloth. It also helps to have a small glass of water nearby to soak the cotton swab or rag.

Writing on the chalkboard with a stencil – this is how it works:

1. Turn the template over and use the chalk on the reverse side. It is enough if you cover the areas that are printed on the front.

2. Then place the template on your chalk board and fix it with some painter’s tape. Use the guidelines as a guide to get everything straight.

Label on chalk board with stencil Instructions and tips

3. Now trace the template with a pencil. That way, the chalk you put on the other side of the paper will be transferred onto the blackboard in a very faint line.

4. When you have traced all of your picture, you can remove the paper. Now it’s time to color. Use the chalk pen to write the letters and paint in the thick areas.

5. Use damp cotton swabs to remove small imperfections and get a nice sharp edge.

Design your own XXL motifs on a chalkboard wall

Create chalkboard decoration with colored chalk pens

Do you want to turn your chalk art into a large wall painting? There are several methods of transferring the design you want onto the wall. XXL motifs are a real challenge, but they look extraordinary. This requires more patience and a steady hand because it is more difficult to draw the subject on a vertical surface.

Chalk board decoration in the kitchen beautiful writing professional looking without hand lettering skills

Before you decide which transmission technology to use, it helps to measure the space. You need to get a clear idea of ​​how big your design will be and where it will be placed on the chalk wall. It helps to make small marks in the corners as well as a center line so that you can orient yourself.

Technique # 1: carbon paper (good for beginners)

Use carbon paper in chalk art to transfer motifs on the wall

This carbon paper method is great for beginners who want to create a large chalk mural. The so-called carbonless paper is also available in different colors. Pick a color that contrasts with the wall color.

First of all, you need to adjust the drawing to the appropriate size. If you don’t have access to a large format printer or want to save some money, you can print the image on multiple pages and glue them together on the wall like a puzzle.

Teal chalkboard wall in bedroom with saying Namastay in bed All day

Hang the stencils on the wall with duct tape. Lift the bottom of the sheet and place a sheet of carbon paper between the stencil and the wall, with the powdery side facing the wall. It can be a relatively small piece (no more than an arm’s length).

Now use a ballpoint pen to trace the lines on the front of the template. As you do this, move the carbon paper underneath to make sure that all of the design is transferred onto the wall.

advantages: Very precise method, not difficult

disadvantage: not suitable for rough surfaces

Suitable for: Transfer designs of any size without a lot of small details

Technique no. 2: paint a chalkart on the wall with a projector

Having access to a projector is a very quick way to get your image onto the wall. However, the method has some disadvantages and is not used as often. For example, if you work in a narrow hallway, it is next to impossible to get enough space.

Open the image on the computer and project it on the wall. Position and focus the projector until the design is in place. Then trace the contours with a graphite or chalk pen. That’s it!

Chalk boards write beautiful sayings and motifs for the dining room

advantages: Minimal effort, precise.

disadvantage: Not every projector is suitable for wall painting. It has to be a high intensity light, otherwise you cannot see anything. The projector must be clear enough to be far enough from the wall. Not suitable for outdoor murals and wherever no power socket is available.

Good for: Smaller wall surfaces, smooth or uneven surfaces.

Now you know how to make great drawings on chalkboards! Browse through our picture gallery and be inspired for your own chalkboard decoration!

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