Wall design ideas – 30 creative and simple inspirations

wall design ideas flowers artificial lamp colorful decoration

If you are looking at the blank wall at home and are wondering which decoration would fit there, this 30th birthday is for you Wall design ideas to help who are extremely creative. They are easy to imitate and offer an inexpensive alternative.

Wall design ideas with items from the household

wall design ideas wood staebe gold color star

Do you have kebab skewers or other wooden sticks available? Then you can use these for wall design ideas like this one. All you have to do is paint them a gold color or any other color you like and then glue them in this star shape. If you have any metal skewers, you can use these too. Please note, however, that the decoration will then be a little heavier.

Idea from handcrafted murals

wall design ideas trees canvas fabric spices buttons leaves

You can create the best decorations with fabrics, buttons or even seeds and spices. For example, what do you think of these wall design ideas? You also use branches to do this. Of course, you can also design other motifs. It all depends on your taste!

Wall design with old bottles

wall design ideas glass bottles kola margherite vases

You don’t have to throw away old glass bottles or mason jars right away. You can use them for such attractive vases and display real or artificial flowers there at any time. This is how you bring a little nature to the bare wall.

Plate for the design of the wall

wall design ideas colorful plates decoration hallway chest of drawers retro

Omi’s old plates can also serve a new purpose, namely as wall decoration. Arrange them in any order. The same applies here: the more colorful, the better. If you prefer something simpler, then trust one or two colors and combine them with the same nuances.

Paper rolls as decoration for the wall


In this case, paper rolls play a somewhat unusual role – they are one of the most creative and at the same time lightest Wall design ideas. You can leave these white or colored and use them to create interesting motifs and ornaments. An exciting and pretty simple decoration.

Wall design ideas with muffin packaging

Muffin Varpacks Wall Design Idea

For a modern and super elegant and natural interior design, you can collect muffin packs and use them for the following Wall design ideas use – you can use the packaging as a decoration and decorate it with coffee beans or small fruits – or simply choose colored packaging – pink, white or whatever else you have – and arrange them like flowers. This decoration idea looks very tender and is also suitable for girls’ rooms.

Fresh wall design ideas with extraordinary decoration

Wallpaper collage living room wall design idea

Do not throw away the yoghurt cups – you can use them to create an interesting wall decoration. A bit of wall paint on the edges of the mugs and you can achieve that balloon effect. Experiment with different colors and set accents. Create an unforgettable atmosphere by hanging ceiling rosettes on the wall instead. Collect all the wallpaper leftovers at home and make a wall collage out of it or use picture frames to combine them with each other.

Wall design ideas with color


In order to create interesting pictures, you need interesting objects that are used as shadows. For example, you can use it as a silhouette. Cut out figures from magazines and arrange them as shown in the photo below. Photo with dog in two pictures /.

Paint the picture yourself – effects with adhesive tape


If you have always dreamed of becoming a famous painter, now is the time to make your dream come true – put duct tape on a blank canvas – then paint the canvas in bold colors. In the end, all you have to do is remove the tape and you have a great modern creation! Just be careful to buy the appropriate tape. More similar Wall design ideas can be found below.

Tree leaves as a wall decoration


Cut out silhouettes from magazines and creative effect


Picture with handkerchiefs


Folders as a decoration idea

Binder Decoration Idea Wall

Color samples as wall decoration

Color sample wall decoration idea

Clothes peg as an accent in the picture

Clothespin pictures wall design

Idea with toilet paper rolls

creative-wall-design-ideas-paper rolls

Rosettes as wall decorations

Rosette wall design idea

 Wrapping paper collage


Image with yogurt cup as template

Yoghurt cup wall decoration idea

Make pictures with adhesive tape

Color tape craft idea

Potato footprints on the wall

Potato Footprints Wall

Image with simple stencils and metallic paint


Image according to templates


World map – wall decoration idea

World map wall decoration idea

Postcards – collage

Postcard wall design living room

Interesting motifs on the wall


Creative wall design with flowers

creative wall design flowers