Using leftover carpet scraps: 11 great DIY ideas

Leftover carpet scraps ideen-katzenbaum

If you buy carpeting, you get it in a certain size. After laying the carpet, however, there may be several leftovers if the dimensions do not exactly match the size of the room. Instead of Leftover carpet scraps Throwing away, you can use them anywhere in the house. Today we are giving you a few creative ideas of what you can still do or tinker with at home with leftover carpets.

1. Use leftover carpet scraps to make moving heavy furniture easier

Leftover carpet scraps heavy-furniture-wooden-floor-push

Whether a desk, a sofa, a bed or a chest of drawers, with leftover carpet remnants it is easier to move heavy furniture on a smooth floor covering. Much easier than picking up and carrying furniture.



2. Use leftover carpet scraps to pull lawnmowers


Is your ride-on mower stuck in the mud when you mow the lawn in spring? No problem. Wedge the piece of carpet under the leading edge of the trapped wheel to loosen it from the mud.

3. As knee protection when gardening


Gardening on your knees is very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Roll up a piece of carpet and slide it under your knees when planting flowers or weeding in the flowerbed.

4. Soft lying surface in the dog house

Use leftover-carpet-scraps-dog-house

Make your dog happy! Dress the dog house with scraps of carpet to make it cozier.

Left-over-carpet-scraps-dog house-pallets-wooden boards-outside

5. Scratching post for Cats


Build a scratching post for your cat. A simple wooden column is usually covered with scraps of carpet, but you can choose a different shape. Like this idea for wall-mounted panels to scratch.

6. Soft lying surface for cat tree


Cat trees are not only ideal for playing, but also for sleeping. For more comfort, line the wooden steps with soft carpet scraps.


Fasten carpet remnants to the wood with a stapler


7. Isolate the compost heap


When it’s cold outside, put a large piece of carpeting over your compost heap to keep the heat and moisture inside and to speed up the process of organic matter decomposing.

8. Protect your car doors from damage


Protect your car doors from damage by putting a strip of carpet on the garage wall. This way, the car door will not be damaged when it is opened.

8. Clean the fly screen window


Soak a clean piece of carpet in warm, soapy water and rub the mosquito screens to remove dust and debris.

9. Remove excess from the spatula


Scrapers and spatulas are quickly stuck together while working. From time to time, wipe the scrap into a piece of carpet to keep the working edge clean and sharp.

10. Reduce the noise and vibration of the washing machine


Place scraps of carpet under the feet of the washing machine to reduce the noise and pounding noises.

11. Doormat for outside

Leftover carpet remnants for the doormat entrance door

Remnants of wallpaper can be linked in and used as rugs and floor mats. Buy iron-on tape and border the piece of carpet.

Leftover carpet remnants -paint-halloween-decoration-outside