Using knobs and handles for cupboards in a different way – 16 great ideas

handles for closets curtain rod-decorate-white-knob

Buttons and Cabinet handles is known to be available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. They no longer only have a useful purpose, but should also decorate the cupboard or chest of drawers. However, you can also decorate other things with these useful decorative objects. We would like to show you what other interesting purposes you can use cabinet handles. Create original decorations without much effort and spice up your interior in this way!

Handles for cupboards as useful helpers in the hallway

handles for closets hallway-idea-key-attach-post-prop-letters

Hooks for the keys are always useful in the hallway. So you can design such a board that is not only used to hang the keys. Long cabinet handles can also be used to hold the mail. The newspaper can also be stowed away temporarily in this way. Modern stainless steel handles were used here.

Knobs and handles for closets as clothes hooks

handles for closets coat hooks-idea-wall-decorating

If the classic coat hooks for the wall are too boring for you, then simply look for original handles for closets. Antique drawer handles or knobs will be a special eye-catcher. You can match the buttons to the wall color, as shown here, so that they are barely noticeable or, on the contrary, create pretty accents on the wall.

Make your own tray

handles for cupboards tray-make-yourself-wooden drawer handles

With a simple wooden board and two handles for dressers, you can create an original tray that you can use to impress the guests or use it as a gift. You can choose the size of the tray yourself. You can fix the long handles for cabinets on the two shorter sides of the tray and you’re done. You can choose cabinet handles that are antique or modern at will.

Handles as feet


A bedside cabinet like this is really great as a bathroom cabinet, don’t you think? The downside is that it stands right on the floor and the moisture in the bathroom could ruin it quickly. However, you can use cabinet handles to lift it, as was done with an Ikea cabinet in this example.

Stow the yarn and display it


You can use the bright colors of yarn wonderfully to create an original decoration. At the same time, you also get a way to stow your yarn. So if you fancy making something yourself, you can use the following instructions to make stands for thread by using handles for cupboards.

Do-it-yourself materials


If you like to sew and sew often, then you will surely already have enough spools of thread at home. If not, you can get some especially for this project. You also need a candle holder for table candles, a wooden stick with the diameter for the candle or something smaller, as well as round handles for cupboards or buttons. The best way to fix the wooden stick is with the help of small magnets.

Tinker decoration


The first thing to do is to glue one of the magnets to the wooden stick and the other to the candlestick. So you can be sure that the wooden stick will not fall on the stand. When sticking the magnets in place, make absolutely sure that you are using the correct sides, i.e. those that attract each other. Once you have placed the wooden stick in the stand, you can put the spindle on it.

Use the drawer handles decoratively


Then fix the button on the wooden stick. Now when you want to use the yarn, just separate the two magnets from each other. You are welcome to make several of these decorations at the same time and create a colorful sewing corner in the room that has a decorative effect. The handles for cabinets can also differ from one another.

Beautiful handles for cupboards – tinker jewelry stands


Use cabinet door handles to hang your jewelry. For such a jewelry stand, you need a board of any size, which you cover with fabric. You can staple or glue the fabric at the back. Then you can screw on various types of cabinet knobs and handles to hang earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Extend walls with blackboard paint


Many paint some of their walls with blackboard paint. It looks modern and is very practical. Children can draw on this wall and parents can take notes. Wouldn’t it be useful if you always had the chalk to hand and didn’t have to look in a drawer or cupboard first? Use cabinet handles to tuck the chalk right on the wall.

Handles for cabinets for building toys


Whether as decorative figures or as toys for children – these figures look funny and put you in a good mood. Wooden rings, knobs, and handles for closets can be used to build custom males. They can be painted as you like and are also very suitable as a gift for a special occasion.

Handles for lids


Jewelry boxes and boxes of other types get a particularly interesting look if the lids are equipped with a knob or handle. The handles for cabinets can be chosen according to your taste. Antique cabinet handles are particularly suitable for jewelry boxes, or those in the photo that are made from a semi-precious stone.

Decorate bottles


You can also highlight your little bar in the house by closing the bottles with redesigned corks. Again, knobs or handles are used for cupboards. You don’t even need special tools like drills to implement this idea, as cork is a very soft material that is easy to tinker with.

Colorful mini bar


The handles for cabinets are simply pressed into the cork. This is easier with rotating movements. If you are looking for an original gift idea for a friend who treats himself to a drink from time to time, you can use this idea wonderfully. For this purpose, it is best to design several closures at the same time, which the recipient can combine with one another.

coffee and cake


The family likes to gather for coffee and cake in the afternoon. Decorate the table with a homemade accessory! To keep the cake fresh, it is best to cover it with a cake bell and you can customize this again by using handles for cupboards. In most cases, the hood’s original handle can simply be unscrewed and then replaced with the new button.

To hang up pictures


Cabinet handles can even be used to hang your pictures or works of art. This is definitely more original than the classic nail and looks much more decorative. Various techniques can be used for hanging, such as here with a hook or with a simple string. Feel free to come up with something yourself.

Dessert stand


You can see a nice vintage-style idea here. It is a dessert stand that was assembled from two plates, a wooden stick and a door knob. With this piece you can serve your biscuits, cookies, muffins or cupcakes in a special way. A really great variant for using the handles for cabinets.

Equip wardrobes


You can even repair the wardrobe with furniture handles made of stainless steel or another material and provide more storage space. If they are attached to the underside of a shelf or board, clothes can be hung on them using coat hangers. If you are even building your own wardrobe, you can consider this idea and buy handles for closets.