Upcycling ideas from old clothes – recycling real ties in a stylish and creative way

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Have you always been a big fan of handicrafts and upcycling ideas or DIY projects? Then you can create great new housewares or accessories from unusable old clothes. Breathing new life into things you already own can be a wonderful activity, especially when you do it creatively. So if you want to implement practical new upcycling ideas with a few old ties, this post is the right one for you. Just get the stuff lying around out of the closet and find fun ways to recycle it. You will surely be surprised at how many great options are available to you. Here are some of the ones we liked the most.

Great new upcycling ideas with old ties

upcycling ideas reuse various ties patterned

You may have bought many ties for your father or husband over the years for Christmas, Father’s Day, or other special occasions. However, these are probably just hanging in the closet, and men no longer wear them at all. If you’re clearing out your closet and stumbled upon a large pile of old men’s accessories, repurposing them is a great way to save space in a creative way.

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There are also so many wonderful upcycling ideas and projects out there that can help you redesign old items. However, if you just want to create something new but don’t have any old ties, you can buy them cheaply at the thrift store. You can even use some of them as part of new fashionable clothing. Whether you have a supply of ties on hand, you will have a fun and creative time making something extraordinary yourself.

Upcycling ideas for seat cushion covers or ottoman

carpet ties ottoman seat cushion covers brick wall

To find out how many connections you will need, the first thing you need to do is to make the dimensions of the finished circle. If you want the ends of the ties to lie over the ottoman, the finished seat cushion cover should be a larger circle than the ottoman. With the radius of the circle, you can calculate the final perimeter using the formula: C = 2 π r (perimeter = 2 x Pi x radius). Remember that pi = 3.14. So if the radius of your circle is 43 cm, the circumference of the circle is 2 x 3.14 x 40 = 270 cm.

using upcycling ideas sewing stylish and extraordinary design ottoman ottoman

On average, each older tie is approx. 9 cm at the broad end. By dividing the circumference by the width of each tie, you can find out how many ties you will need for your project. The circumference of 270 cm divided by the width of each tie at 9 cm corresponds to the 30 ties required.

Costume made from old silk ties

upcycling ideas reuse costume out of old ties yourself make carnival occasion creative

Complete your outfit for festivals, carnivals or other special occasions, for example by cutting a beautiful waistcoat from vintage silk ties. You can determine the color combinations yourself and create a stylish piece of clothing. You can tie this around your back and adapt to your body shape. Lady Largo, as she was known to her American friends, was the famous singer in Paris. This was one of her ensembles that she wore when performing for the Hungarian Count who was secretly in love with her.

upcycling ideas skirt dress jeans ties insert sewing stylish extraordinary design

Made from recycled silk ties, hand-woven knitwear and crocheted, the bustier top can also be worn on its own. It also looks great with jeans. The skirt is also constructed with silk ties and jeans sewn together. Its design embraces curves and emphasizes a feminine line in the ensemble. You can leave some of the ties longer so that something moves when you walk. You can also wear the dress with a simple white button-down shirt. These upcycling ideas are creative and really unique pieces, but there are a ton of variations that you can do with them if they are a part of your wardrobe.


reuse upcycling ideas quilt yourself make creative sewing diy project color combinations

When you have the skills and are ready for some complicated and challenging upcycling ideas, try making a quilt. When sewing ties together or using cut-off pieces of ties, be sure to pay attention to the weft and warpage of the material. Every fabric not only has a distinctive weight, but also a certain fabric that influences its elasticity. The selection of fabrics with similar warp and thread properties prevents malformation or unnecessary stress on a particular section.


upcycling ideas carpet from old ties tinker sewing round shape fireplace floor

Use the same method to embellish a carpet using polyester or cotton tapes. If you enjoy knitting or crocheting, experiment with making a rug with ties as yarn. Simply cut these to a uniform width and sew the strips together end to end. Add a non-slip mat or pad for safety.

Custom pillows as upcycling ideas

upcycling ideas reuse cushions yourself make creative horizontal vertical stripes sofa couch colorful

You can make a regular pillow look great by adding ties for decoration. This can be a really simple project and would make a wonderful gift for the man in your life. Just cut your ties and use them to decorate pillows or you can do the whole thing from scratch if you prefer.

upcycling ideas reuse cushions make yourself creative horizontal vertical stripes sofa couch

Add a unique and custom look to your accent pillows by centering and sewing one tie vertically and another horizontally. This works especially with white pillows and patterned, bold, and black ties.

Camera strap

upcycling ideas reuse camera straps yourself create a creative tie

Who would have thought that something like a camera strap could actually become a fashion accessory. An ordinary strap with the brand printed on it is certainly a classic variant, but the matching tie can complement your outfit just as well.

Upcycling ideas for bracelet with tie

upcycling ideas reuse bracelet make yourself creative button

Here’s another wonderful do-it-yourself tip – a bracelet that you can make from an old tie. This has a great cuff style and is very easy to combine. Just cut away the wider part and fold the tie over. Connect the ends of the piece with any number of buttons or other jewelry. There is a little sewing involved, but not a lot. You can do this in under an hour.

Door wreath

door wreath from old ties make creative upcycling ideas colorful colors white door yourself

Use the old ties to create an amazing wreath for your front door. This is great because you can mix and match different colors together to make a different wreath for each season. Use spring and summer ties to create a warm weather wreath or Christmas wreath.

door wreath from old ties make creative upcycling ideas colorful colors brown door vintage rustic rounded ribbon

Those in darker colors can look appropriate for an elegant occasion. To create the door wreath, simply glue ties around a wreath shape and then decorate it according to your own taste.

Glasses case or cell phone pocket

upcycling ideas tie glasses case tinker yourself colored colorful patterned Velcro fastener

If you need a large glasses case and want to take off some of those old ties, this is the project for you. This is an easy way to protect your glasses, and absolutely no sewing is required. You can use fabric glue to hold everything in place, and since you’re only using the end of the tie, you have more tie for other upcycling ideas. You can use the same principle for the production of cell phone cases.

Tinker lampshades

lampshade old retro ties vintage style recycle window

Another creative and practical option for your home is to make a lampshade made from reusable ties. This would be a wonderful addition to any bedroom that you want to add a little more color. Basically, all you need is hot glue to stick the tapes to a regular lampshade. Then take the time to remove the longer sections. The wide parts create a nice little ruffle effect and give the lampshade an extraordinary look.

Nessessary or toiletry bag with zipper

upcycling ideas reuse toiletry bag zipper pouch cosmetics men men

A zip pocket made from a tie can be the perfect companion in the form of a wallet or small makeup carrier. While this needs to be sewn, most of the time it’s just the zipper that you need to sew. A tie or two is enough for any bag that is really handy for keeping change and other sundries organized. This is a simple project that can become a stylish gift for both husband and wife.

Luggage tags

luggage tag tie idea

Turn your old tie into a fabric luggage tag. All you need are scissors, thread and a button that you use to attach the strap. This simple and effective case leaves a unique touch as a luggage tag, so that your belongings are immediately recognizable when on vacation. You no longer have to check whether you have taken the correct suitcase from the baggage carousel.

Snake toy

toys children upcycling ideas ties buttons sew up tongues felt funny

The shape of a tie works perfectly for creating a fun snake toy. This is the perfect DIY for kids to get involved in too. Simply stuff the old tie with cotton wool, sew the ends together and add a felt tongue and buttons for the eyes. But be sure to sew, and not glue, the eyes if it is a toy for a child. And there you have it – a quick and easy snake toy that kids will love.