Transferring the motif to stone – this is how you can bring images, text and photos onto stones of all kinds

Making lucky stones yourself is currently a popular pastime. The painted and designed stones, which are then exposed somewhere in the wild, can literally travel around the world and put a smile on the face of the finder. Although painting is not difficult and the hobbyist does not have to follow any rules, but can let his imagination and creativity run wild, many do not trust the project in the belief that they do not have the talent for it. Another technique is also very suitable for this case. You can transfer pictures, photos, lettering or any other motif onto stone. In this article we will show you which technology this works.

Transferring the motif to stone – the basics

Transferring the motif to stone - ideas and handicraft instructions

So that you can transfer an image or motif well, you should choose stones that have a surface that is as smooth as possible. Otherwise you can choose the size and shape yourself. Not only pebbles and river stones are suitable for such DIY projects where you transfer a picture onto stone. Stone slabs can also be used and are simply perfect as a gift idea.

Transfer photos and motifs to stone for self-made lucky stones

You should also clean the stones well and let them dry before you start designing them. This is the only way for motifs to adhere well afterwards. A primer is also recommended, as well as a clear varnish to seal the image when it has been transferred. Mod Podge or other glue for the napkin and decoupage technique is also necessary. You can ask for a suitable glue at the craft store.

Depending on what kind of motif is to be transferred to stone, you will of course also need the motifs. These can be pre-purchased ones that you can buy in a craft store specifically for transferring. If you want to put a photo on the stone, you should also have a computer and printer.

Simple technique with Mod Podge

Transfer motif to stone - idea and instructions with Mod Podge and city map

  • primer
  • matte Mod Podge (or other suitable glue)
  • Sponge and water
  • Acrylic spray paint for sealing
  • any motif (in the example printed city map)
  • printer

After you have cleaned the stones and they are completely dry, you can transfer a design onto stone. First apply the primer and let it dry too. You print the maps mirror-inverted on normal printer paper with a printer. If you don’t have a printer, you can simply have your designs printed out in a copy shop. Now choose anywhere on the map and place a stone on it (or on any other motif) and thinly trace the outline of the stone with a pencil. Cut out the design.

DIY instructions with Mod Podge for self-made key rings and garden decorations

Now paint the stone with Mod Podge and place the cut-out motif or the card (face down) on it. Let the glue dry well. Then hold the stone under running water or use a very damp sponge to soften the paper. Carefully rub the softened paper off the stone and you will notice that the motif has been transferred to the stone. As soon as the stone has dried again, it is best to seal your motif with a varnish and the lucky stone is ready.

Photo transferred from paper to stone

Make vintage stone slabs yourself with black and white photos

You can also transfer a photo onto stone in the same way. However, the photo should not only be printed mirror-inverted. You will also have to resize it on the computer beforehand so that it fits on the stone. You do not necessarily need a special program for this, because you can also do this image processing in a simple Word document. Then put Mod Podge again (you can find an alternative in the craft store) on the prepared pebble, after which you can transfer the image to stone, as in the instructions above.

Incidentally, it is not just a picture or photo that can be transferred to stone. You can also try lettering if you want to transfer a motif onto stone. In principle, there are no limits to your imagination. If you transfer writing on stone, you can add personal and personalized messages that make a gift of this kind even more beautiful.

Transfer Image to Stone – Free Templates

Beautiful pink flowers as pictures for stones - gift idea for friends and relatives

In the following we have prepared some great motifs and lettering that are perfect if you want to transfer a template onto stone. Regardless of whether you have transferred a photo onto stone, writings with messages or simple pictures adorn the stones – the finished piece of jewelry is perfect as a gift. Not only can the apartment be wonderfully decorated with the stones. They can also be used as decoration in the garden or in flower pots. We hope you enjoy transferring your chosen motif onto stone!

Painting stones – templates

Apply the butterfly to stones with Mod Podge or other napkin glue

Lettering “Hope” – an idea for an encouraging gift that brings hope

Transferring the lettering Hope as a motif onto stone - hope to give away

City map for designing pebbles and river stones

City map as an idea for motifs on stones

Print out the red heart for free as a motif idea for stone slabs

Transfer the heart to the stone as a motif - cut it out and glue it onto the stone

Minimalistic photo on stone – bare tree in the snow

Minimalistic image for romantic stones - bare tree in the snow

Maritime pattern

Print out the maritime pattern for lucky stones for free

Rose to print

Motif transferred to stone with template - beautiful rose in black for pebbles

Falcon for a self-designed stone

Resize and print images and copy them onto stones

Vintage newspaper

Vintage motif transferred onto stone - old newspaper print

Heart with headphones for music lovers

Love of music - heart with pulse and headphones

Transferring pictures to stone using a simple technique

Retro picture for stones - woman with cigarette

Small motifs with modern patterns

Transfer pattern and motif to stone - templates for different designs to be printed out

Retro signs for effective decorative stones

Retro motif transferred to stone - old signs for river stones or flagstones

Make decorative stones for the garden yourself with colorful motifs

Colorful vintage pattern with flowers for decorating pebbles and large stones

Black and white mandala

Mandala in black and white for decorating and designing stones

Print photo on stone – beautiful flower with retro effect

Vintage flowers as a motif idea for printing and transferring with decoupage glue