Tips for the household – Reuse & recycle the old yoga mat

Yoga mat in the household use diy ideas

Yoga, gymnastics, Pilates – popular sports for many women. You can also do this at home without any problems, as you only need a small amount of equipment, namely a yoga or exercise mat. The mats make the exercises more comfortable, but nobody wants to lie on the cold floor. But! Let’s face it, even if you bought the perfect yoga mat, there’s still a good chance you have a whole collection of yoga mats around. And will likely never be used for its intended purpose again. Then you would be wondering what to do with it in the first place? Here’s the answer – the old one Reuse yoga mat and recycle!

Reuse the old yoga mat

Yoga mat reuse bulletin board spongy

We offer you some practical ideas of what you can make yourself with these large, spongy, colorful pieces. Use the best properties of the yoga mat in the household – non-slip underside, low in pollutants and, above all, washable even in the washing machine. The craft projects and the materials needed are very simple and cost next to nothing. Take scissors, glue, cords or shoelaces and off you go!

Reuse yoga mat – clever craft ideas

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