Tips for storing jewelry – 30 clever ideas to do it yourself

tips for storing jewelry wire lattice chains frame white wood

Tangled chains, missing ear hooks, and scattered jewelry collections are a source of frustration for many fashion-conscious women who are rushing to get dressed. Fortunately there are a lot Jewelry storage tips, which can also serve as decorative elements in your room. The ideas are easy to do yourself because household items are used for this. Clothes hangers, tea cups, picture frames, kitchen roll stands, etc. All of these ensure clarity, easy access and an attractive appearance.

Jewelry Storage Tips – Hang Up!

tips for storing jewelry branch idea attach chains

Necklaces and bracelets

Chains can easily become knotted when they are put together in the jewelry box. Hang them on a hook either on the wall, on a mirror or picture frame to tell them apart. Coat hooks on the wall but at different heights are also a nice idea. Arrange your wristbands on an empty kitchen roll stand or empty glass bottles.

Jewelry Storage Tips – Use household items

tips for storing jewelry make your own book linen earrings

Earrings and rings

Earrings and rings are easy to lose and difficult to sort out when placed in a tiny jewelry box. You can also hang up earrings to have a better view of the couples for different occasions. A wire mesh in an old photo frame is one of the most popular jewelry storage tips. You can put the rings in the compartments of an egg carton or ice cube tray. They’ll be separate and easy to get to.

Vintage frame for jewelry use

tips for storing jewelry vintage frame white fabric cover

Blind tip

tips for storing jewelry blind wood idea original diy

Make ring holder yourself

jewelry storage ideas rings holder make yourself

jewelry storage ideas organize rings make it yourself

Vintage tea cups and egg holders

jewelry storage ideas mugs egg holder

Wine corks and buttons

jewelry storage ideas wine corks buttons picture frames yourself

Coat hooks on the wall for the chains

jewelry storage tips wall coat hooks chains

Organization and storage

jewelry storage ideas wall hang hook

Jewelry stand – hand and photo frame

jewelry storage ideas jewelry stand hand photo frame

Vintage tea cups for the earrings

jewelry storage ideas vintage teacups earrings

Jewelry stand made by myself

tips for storing jewelry ideas homemade roll racks

Make ring holder out of fabric and cardboard box

jewelry storage ideas tinker rings box

Earring holder

jewelry storage ideas photo frame earrings holder

Interesting idea for the earrings

jewelry storage ideas sort other chain earrings

Idea for jewelry stands made of wood

jewelry storage ideas rings stand wood

Muffin pan

jewelry storage ideas muffin tin sort

Wire tree

jewelry storage tips metal tree earrings holder  jewelry storage ideas hanging chains sorting

Jewelry display on the wall

jewelry storage ideas display wall make yourself

Glass bottles as jewelry stands

jewelry storage ideas glass bottles as jewelry stands

Jewelry on the mirror

jewelry storage ideas mirror frame hack

Photo frames for storage

jewelry storage ideas tips cake stand photo frame display

Jewelry storage tips

tips for storing jewelry ideas photo frame wire mesh

Coat hooks and handles   jewelry storage ideas picture frames coat hooks earrings

Cake stand

jewelry storage ideas cake stand earrings

Cups in the drawer

jewelry storage ideas self cup drawer

Kitchen roll stand for jewelry

tips for storing jewelry ideas bracelets kitchen roll stands